Customized VR Park Our independently developed 5G "Flying Cinema" theme project consists of a 360 "immersive VR cinema and a multi-degree-of-freedom Parallel structure motion platform. When the audience puts on the VR head display, with the change of the content, they can feel variety of synchronous special effects such as impact. vibration, rise and fall, tilt and so on in real time, creating a thrilling experience consistent with the content of the film. Compared with other types of cinemas, it has the characteristics of prominent theme, high-scientific and technological content, realistic effect, strong entertainment and so on. 聽 Parameter 聽 ProjectIndex Including stair size6.8m*5.7m Platform sizeDiameter 4.3m Equipment weight2.8T _ _ _ Equipment load3T Use voltage220VAC Rated power22 KW 聽 Attached Accessories 聽 NameQuantityUnitSpecification Distribution Cabinet1SetElectrical distribution cabinet Device body1Set12 people 3+1 axis platform Tablet and Stand1Set10.1 inch brand tablet VR headset12SetPICO G2 4K Plus(128GB) All-in-one VR PC Sound system1Set2 12-inch speakers and 1 set of power amplifier Electrical accessories1SetCircuit breakers, relays and other electrical accessories Router1InduvialTL-WAR1200L Wireless Router 聽 Environmental requirements ( the use of this equipment needs to be in a temperature-controlled environment ) a. Operating temperature: -10 and + 50 掳 C b. Storage: -40 to + 65 掳C c. Relative humidity: 65%卤3% (at 40鈩? d. No strong radiation 聽聽聽 Transportation and installation 聽 In order to avoid damage to the equipment during transportation or disassembly, please contact the technical support department and arrange for technicians to come to the door to disassemble, pack and install the equipment. This equipment is a medium and large dynamic platform and cannot be transported as a whole. On-site construction and installation; the ground bears 12KN/銕? and it needs to be fixed with expansion screw holes on the ground; during the installation and commissioning process, it is necessary to prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering the site to avoid danger. We provide one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance service for the products sold, that is, within one year, the damage caused by the poor material or design defects of the product itself can be repaired free of charge; 聽 Structure 聽聽 Tilt movement 聽 Side Movement 聽聽聽聽聽聽 2017. 9. 4 Shanghai Hassel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established. 2018.9.27 Jiangsu Empower Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established. 2018 Our independent brand Empower Space was launched. 2019.4 Guangzhou Empower Intelligent Technology co., Ltd. was established. We have rich experience in the simulator, somatosensory equipment, VR content development, and content integration. We have our own manufacturing plant and experimental base in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, which has created high efficiency, quality, and cost advantages for the successful landing of products. With the combination of advanced technology and entertainment content, we had launched our independent brand "Empower Space" immersive entertainment experience hall scheme. With the mission of "bringing happiness to the public through experiencing science and technology and continuously creating high value for our customers", "Empower Space" is committed to providing our customers with a profitable turn-key solution of VR experience. Empower Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is a science and technology innovating enterprise who is dedicated into Virtual Reality and analog simulation platform's R&D, Manufacturing and operating. Our company has a modern standard plant of 3000銕?along with a 600銕?showroom. 聽 Empower VR provides a turn-key solution of product display, VR tourism, VR theme park, VR science museum, and commercial complex. Our company have administrative staff and a highly qualified tech-service team to offer you a perfect turn-key solution from demand analysis to operation management. We deliver the spirit of innovation, empowered your dream! We take market as the starting point while setting our customer's satisfaction as the ultimate goal, so as to provide you the best service and top-quality products! 聽Customized VR Park website: