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  • Customized Lab Grown Ruby Cushion Cut
    Customized Lab Grown Ruby Cushion Cut Wuzhou Befound Trading Co.,Ltd聽was founded in 2012, which is located in Wuzhou City - the one of the biggest synthetic gemstones manufacturing bases in the world. We are manufacturer with 9 years experience, which is committed to providing fast and professional solutions and samples services for the import and export trade of rough and cutting stones. We...
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  • CNC Machining
    CNC Machining Development History 2005 Established, focusing on mold business. 2007 Increased injection molding business. 2009 Factory area increased to 2000m虏 2012 15000m虏 completed industrial park. 2015 New large mold workshop, with a single set of molds up to 25T. 2017 Increased machining and sheet metal assembly business. 2018 Increased trolley, trolley and nursing bed business. 2019...
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  • Small molecules CH5183284
    Small molecules CH5183284 Suzhou Ureiko Medical Chemistry Technology Co.,Ltd,聽the world's leading supplier of scientific research chemicals and bioactive compounds,聽聽is聽always聽focus on R&D of signal transduction inhibitors and pharmaceutical intermediates.聽The product range covers a variety of inhibitors, agonists, and compound libraries.聽We follow closely the industry trend, and the latest...
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  • Customized VR Park
    Customized VR Park Our independently developed 5G "Flying Cinema" theme project consists of a 360 "immersive VR cinema and a multi-degree-of-freedom Parallel structure motion platform. When the audience puts on the VR head display, with the change of the content, they can feel variety of synchronous special effects such as impact. vibration, rise and fall, tilt and so on in real time, creating...
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  • Epoxy Resin for Crystal Glue suppliers
    Epoxy Resin for Crystal Glue suppliers Product Description 聽 Itemname:YPE-128 product APPLICATION锛欵poxy resin used in anticorrosive coatings for ships, containers, construction machinery, coil steel, etc CAS锛?1788-97-4 聽聽 Packing Specification 聽 Packed In Plastic Box , 20kg/drum-240kg/drum 聽 Implementation Standard GB/T19001-2016//ISO9001:2015 GB/T24001-2016//ISO14001:2015...
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  • Resin Spray Machine price
    Resin Spray Machine price Company Profile We offer ABS PMMA sheet, fiberglass and machine to our clients over 10 years, we have much experience on bathtub supply chain. 聽We are the leading manufacturer of ABS/PMMA sheet, fiberglass, PVC film and machinery in China.We supply ABS PMMA sheet, fiberglass and spare parts to our clients since聽2011. We can also offer one-stop service for building new...
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  • Lawn Mower
    Lawn Mower Application scope of mini crawler remote control lawn mower Grassland: cleaning of dead grass, opening fire isolation zone. Roads: pruning road green belts, side slopes, parks and other municipal green spaces, lawns, road snow removal, etc. Forestry: stubble shrubs, clean up combustibles under forests, and open up fire barriers. Levees: clean up weeds and shrubs in the embankment and...
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  • Matte Green PCB factory
    Matte Green PCB factory Our History Shenzhen Bente Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, and its subsidiary is Shenzhen Bente Circuit Limited; Jiangxi Bente Technology Co., Ltd; Zhongshan Bente Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd At present, the plant of JiangXi Bente occupies an actual area of 10,000 square meters, and the production capacity of 40,000 square meters per month,...
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  • Customized Roof Top Tent
    Customized Roof Top Tent Tent Skin: Nylon 66 with black coating (Can customer pic Pantone) Rainfly: 600D polyester material (Can customer pic Pantone) Gas Spring: Black color, Germany brand "STABILUS" Zipper: YKK Aluminum: NO.6 aluminum material Seam seal tape: Clear Frame/Pole size : One inner N Pole 25mm (tension flysheet with nylon straps) Ladder: 2.3m black ladder in polyester bag Shoe...
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  • Customized Bms Tester
    Customized Bms Tester 1-24 Series Battery Protection Board BMS Tester 聽 Products Description 聽 BMS Testing Machine is used in the safety test of lithium battery protection board, to detect whether the functional indicators of the protection board are within the reasonable parameters, to provide a set of testing standards to the staff, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and...
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