Schuyler Callihan:This story developed faster than I would have ever imagined. I never saw Matt Rhule wanting to bring Cam Newton back. I just didn't think it would ever happen, even with how poor Sam Darnold has been playing. To me, signing Newton says that Rhule doesn't plan on turning back to Joel Embiid Jersey Darnold. Doing so would create a lot of pre sure on Darnold's shoulders and we've already seen that he has struggled to power through adversity when it hits. I'm under the a sumption that this is Cam Newton's team from here on out once he becomes activated. Do I agree with the signing? Yes. When you look at the other options (P.J. Walker and Matt Barkley), they don't give you much of a chance to reach the playoffs. Although Cam has not played a single down this season, he is above and beyond better than those two and gives Carolina a fighting chance. Matt Rhule has repeatedly stated throughout the last couple of weeks that they will continue to look at ways to improve the team. Knowing that the play from Sam Darnold has been underwhelming this year, they would be failing to live up to their words by not pursuing Cam. I doubt this will be a long-term play for the Panthers but right now, this staff and Dana Barros Jersey front office is willing to do whatever it takes to win now. Newton gives them that chance.Matt Alquiza:If nothing else, this is going to be fun. Cam Newton definitely is not the 2015 league MVP Cam Newton anymore, but hes still an elite playmaker with his legs and the preseason showed that he still has some juice in his arm. Newton can hide some of the offensive line deficiencies with his athleticism and as long as he can accurately distribute the ball to his playmakers in a way that Sam Darnold couldnt, Cam is an instant upgrade and a shot of life into an otherwise listle s offense.Tyler Ball:Scroll to ContinueNo QB is safe behind the Panthers' current line. Too many injuries. However, if there is a player who could thrive behind that line, convert third-down plays, make scrambles out of a collapsing pocket Moses Malone Jersey and be a leader, its Newton. The real question now is, after the injuries to Newton, will he be the Panthers' Superman or their kryptonite?Jeff Haseley:What can we expect from Justin Anderson Jersey Cam Newton? My gut says that Cam will be active in Week 10 in Arizona, but as a backup to P.J. Walker. We could see Cam in goal line plays and it will be a sight for sore eyes. As for Week 11 at home vs Washington, that's anyone's gue s. Depending on how Walker fares in Week 10, we may see Newton under center in his first game back to Bank of America Stadium facing his former head coach Ron Rivera. Could it get any better than that? Yes - a positive performance, a Ben Simmons Jersey touchdown giveaway ball (imagine that moment), and the Panthers' ship righted. What's not to like? Ace Boogie is back. If he really wants to make the crowd roar, he'll bring the dab back with him. That's the shiny fairy-tale scenario. A suming he's well-conditioned, his arm/shoulder won't show signs of failure, and he will play well upon his return. The offensive line is still among the least effective in the league, but that same line took care of busine s in Atlanta with over 200 yards of rushing. Could Newton's return be the spark needed to ignite the roaring flame? Momentum and confidence are powerful things. Newton's arrival may be exactly what this team needs.