Qin Yiwen was burning with anxiety. Wei Li should have won the first battle. If he lost, the morale of the troops would be depressed and he could not afford the first battle. When he received a letter from Yin Xun, although secretly prepared fifty thousand fighters, but this for several of their courtiers to do their best fifty thousand soldiers in front of Jiang Chou Feng's army, is a drop in the bucket. What's more, Jiang Choufeng began to prepare for war a hundred years ago, but they only had a few months. The battle was lost from the beginning. At the moment of the collision between the sword and the gun, a huge wave of air suddenly fell from the top, and the magnificent and almost substantial wave of air directly beat both of them to the ground. The dust raised by the air waves rose into the air for a long time, and it was boundless. The people were so frightened that they did not know what had happened. Looking up at the sky, there was a figure standing in the middle of the sun. The man was dressed in a white robe with a black dragon pattern. His long silver-white hair hung down behind him. His face was cold and his eyes were closed. It was this man who had caused the terrible and terrible air wave just now. With a single palm, Jiang Choufeng and Chu Junwei Li, who had conquered half of the heaven, were clapped into the earth. For a moment, everyone trembled and did not know where the monster came from. The platinum sun was brilliant, Qin Yiwen squinted his eyes, and after seeing the man's clothes and face, his knees were weak and he fell off his horse. He fell to his knees with tears in his eyes and his fingers sank deep into the earth. Heaven. It's saved.. The man carrying the hot and proud sun slowly opened his eyes, which looked down at the tens of thousands of soldiers below without joy or sorrow, without the slightest emotion, as if nothing had been seen. Different from the usual, at this time of the eyes, a dark as ink, a pupil stained with sunlight like platinum, cold metallic color is endless nothingness, below hundreds of thousands of soldiers can not shine into his eyes. The black dragon robe on a white background, together with thousands of feet of silver hair, covered the sun, and the only light and heat in the sky and on the ground were carried behind him. The true God of war in the celestial world, the crane with different pupils, has come. Chapter 118 This is the second time that Mingqian Crane has set foot on the battlefield after tens of thousands of years. Not because the glow often knelt at his door these days, after all, in the past, when heaven was in danger, there were no fewer emperors who acted like this, but the singing crane never opened the door once. He landed between the two armies, his feet not touching the ground, floating some distance above the ground, and his long silver hair floating in the air. Just now the palm clapped hard, Wei Li propped himself up with a sword, feeling two broken ribs. Without wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth and the dust on his face, he knelt beside the feet of the crane and whispered, "Master.." The disciple is incompetent. Mingqian crane did not look at him, eyes moved to the other side of the same mess of Jiang Choufeng. Although Jiang Choufeng had never seen the Mingqian Crane, when he saw Wei Li's action, he knew that it was the legendary Mingqian Crane that killed the first generation of demon king Xia Zhiyan. He covered his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. The palm displaced his internal organs and broke several bones. Just a palm has such great power, if this singing crane deliberately wants to kill him, Inflatable bouncer , I am afraid it is only a blink of an eye. No wonder Mingyanhua often said that she could not resist the blow of Mingqianhe. Jiang Choufeng used to think that she was self-deprecating, but now it seems that this is a fact. Within the three realms, no one can defeat the singing crane. Fortunately, Mingqianhe has lived in seclusion since he killed the first generation. He has never appeared in a big war for hundreds of thousands of years. Why today.. Why does the ancient God of war, who was almost forgotten, reappear today? The brain is muddleheaded, Jiang Choufeng is just leaning on long. The gun propped himself up, and after facing the man's black and silver eyes, he spat out a big mouthful of blood and fainted directly. Lord! Lord! The demons were anxious and did not dare to act rashly, nervously watching the man on the field, waiting for his next moment of action. Seeing this, Mingqian Crane no longer looked at him, facing the heavenly army, leaving only a long hair with cold light on his back to the enemy in the rear. The sound of a cold, jade-like attack sounded, and he opened his mouth and said without expression, "Get out." Relieved, the generals of the Demon World hurriedly set up the unconscious Jiang Choufeng and fled to the north in a hurry. In a twinkling of an eye, hundreds of thousands of demon troops receded like the tide, and the war came to an end. Qin Yiwen breathed a long sigh of relief and led the generals to salute the crane. "Thank you, Lord Ming." He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the pupils of his eyes changed back to their usual ink color. He ignored Qin Yiwen's words and walked toward the Dongling Palace. Before he left, he said to Wei Li, "go to the door and kneel." Wei Li took a breath, covered his broken ribs and bowed his head and answered, "Yes." He gave Qin Yiwen a wink, Qin Yiwen worriedly gave him the healing elixir, and then said, "You go, I'll deal with the rest.". I'll explain it for you on the emperor's side. Wei Li's face was a little bright, nodding, "OK, I'll go first, thanks for your hard work." He followed the figure of Mingqian Crane, and did not use the elixir given by Qin Yiwen. He knelt at the gate of Mingqian Crane Hall with all his wounds. At that time, although he was very close to Jiang Choufeng, as long as the master was willing, it would not affect him. There is only one reason why Wei Li was seriously injured-the Mingqian Crane intentionally. Since it was the master who did it on purpose, Wei Li naturally had to keep the wound on his body, and could not touch it without authorization until the Mingqian Crane had the will. The sun, the moon and the stars alternated, and drops of blood fell on the jade floor. Wei Li felt a little dizzy and his eyes were covered with black flowers. I do not know how long, the hall finally sounded the voice of the crane- "come in." Wei Li got up, and the scabby wound was torn between movements, and there was another bone-eating pain. He walked into the hall, knelt down again beside the singing crane, kowtowed and saluted, "Master." A cool voice sounded slowly in the hall. "Do you know why you were punished?" "Because the disciple's work is not good, it has damaged countless soldiers and civilians." Mingqian Crane's face was neither sad nor happy. He looked ahead,Inflatable mechanical bull, but did not see anything. "Wei Li, you are too weak." Wei Li trembled, then lowered his head and pursed his lips. "Yes." 。 joyshineinflatables.com