If in any case, you get an error like Linksys extender not connecting to internet, there could be a problem with the router. As the router is a device that transfers and provides signals to the extender. So, first of all, check the router’s working if it is providing signals or not. To confirm this, you can contact your ISP and ask him about the current internet plan. Make sure that plan is active and that there are enough strong signals on the router. More than that, you must opt to choose the upgraded internet plan if you require more internet than usual.


If the problem still occurs, then try moving the extender closer to the router if there is too much gap between them. You must choose a location which is above the ground floor and centrally to your place. Also, ensure there are no electrical or other appliances that can interrupt and impede the signals to transfer to the extender. Confirm finally the extender internet issue is resolved once you use these tips. If that is not, then take advanced troubleshooting tips or contact a technical expert