Linksys Velop Setup without app is still possible and can be done using another method. The software offers a quick and easy setup process, but manual configuration allows users the option to handle the setup themselves if they so choose.


The primary Velop node should first be connected to your modem using an Ethernet connection. Make sure the link is impermeable on both sides. Activate the primary node and wait for it to establish a reliable internet connection. Solid blue lights serve as a signal. Next, join your PC or mobile device to the Velop network using WiFi or an Ethernet cable. Open a web browser after connecting, then type the Velop system's default IP address into the address bar. The default IP address is often "," although your particular Velop device can have a different default IP address. There will be a need for the Velop system's account and password. Both the username and the password are set up to be "admin." Following login, you can manually configure the Velop system by following the on-screen instructions.


During the manual setup process, you can modify the parameters for your wireless network, create a WiFi name and password, and, if necessary, add more Velop nodes. Remember to save your modifications before continuing, and watch for the nodes to unite, which is indicated by a solid blue light, before proceeding to the next step.