• AGE Face Masks and why they will be a good choice for your skin

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    AGE Face Masks and why they will be a good choice for your skin #facemask #agefacemask #naturalfacemask #instantglowingmasks #aromaticgardenessence #skincare #skincaretips
    Know Which AGE Face Mask Will Be Best for Your Skin & Why?
    AGE Always Says – When It Comes to Skin, There is NO Instant Fix. But there are times, like attending a party or going out on an anniversary date, when you need something to give you that instant glowing healthy skin. Right! Don’t worry! AGE got you covered with its selection of natural face masks. Now, the question is which face mask will be right for you and why you should opt for that mask. Well! We are here to help you with all your queries about AGE Face Masks and why they will be a good choice for your skin. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. AGE Clay Mask for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin Why AGE Clay Mask? Remember those teenage years, when Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) was our best friend to get soft acne-free skin? Inspired by the age-old skincare secrets, AGE has curated AGE Clay Mask that contains clays rich in minerals and works wonders in drying out acne fast, by soaking excess sebum from the skin, it can help detoxify skin and control oil production. So, if you have oily skin or struggling to dry acne fast, AGE Clay Mask can be the solution for you. AGE Chocolate Mask for Dry, Mature & Normal Skin Why AGE Chocolate Mask? When it comes to dry skin, the first thing that comes to mind is deep moisturisation, and this is exactly what this mask does for your skin. When you feel that your skin is feeling dry and dull, just scoop some AGE Chocolate Mask, apply it on your face, and let it do its magic. AGE Chocolate mask can instantly provide intense moisturisation to your face and give your skin a natural glow. AGE Green Tea Face Mask for Normal and Oily Skin Why AGE Green Tea Face Mask? Green tea is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties. But what makes AGE Green Tea Mask different is it can gently exfoliate skin and brighten it. AGE Green Tea Face Mask can also help in soothing inflamed skin, control oil production, and clear clogged pores. For those, who are often troubled by oily greasy skin, AGE Green Tea Face Mask can definitely be the saviour to getting clear radiant skin. AGE Tomato De-Tan Face Mask for Dry and Mature Skin Why AGE Tomato De-Tan Face Mask? Our AGE Tomato De-Tan Face Mask is very popular among AGE Clients with Dry and Mature Skin because of its two-in-one benefits. This mask can help to instantly moisture skin, while working on your tan and give you an even toned skin. Packed with essential Vitamins and nutrients, AGE Tomato De-Tan Face Mask can help in treating sunburn by soothing as well as brightening the skin. Yes! You heard that right. Isn’t it great? After using this pack, you can feel that your skin has become soft, supple, and glowing instantly. Now you know which mask would go for your skin types so make sure to give them a try. However, keep in mind that these masks are not to be used daily. Based on your skin type and concern, AGE Expert will suggest you the best way to use the mask. AGE After Sales Services is absolutely FREE. You can get complete guidance on every product purchased so that you can get the best of AGE Self Care Solutions. Join AGE Community Read Now Read Now Read Now
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    Busting Hair Care Myths and Facts
    Time to bust some myths around Hair Conditioners and Hair Spa treatments with AGE. Are you tired of using multiple products on your hair? Do you need cost-effective solutions for your hair problems at home? Don’t worry! AGE (Aromatic Garden Essence) is HERE to HELP, and AGE believes in educating our clients and readers so that you can make informed decisions before buying any haircare product and incorporating it into your hair care regime. So, let’s talk about Myths and Facts about Hair Conditioner and Hair Spa. I hope you found what you were looking for. With AGE Hair SPA and AGE Hair Conditioner, you can give life to your dull and damaged hair and reverse the effect of years of damage, heat treatment, pollution, etc. in the comfort of your own home. Why AGE Hair Spa for Dry and Damaged Hair?   AGE Hair Spa for Dry and Damaged Hair gives instant hydration to dry, damaged, rough, and lifeless hair by deeply moisturising every strand of hair and locking in the moisture. Made of natural ingredients, such as Hibiscus Flower Extract, Rice Protein, Wheat Protein and Rosemary Oil, the rich and creamy formula helps improve overall health of scalp, while repairing the damaged hair follicles in every wash.Why AGE Hair Conditioner?   Packed with natural ingredients like Yashtimadhu, Rose, Rice Protein, Sandalwood and Jojoba, AGE Hair Conditioner detangles your hair, making it frizz-free from the first wash onwards. BUY NOW BUY NOW Why AGE Products?AGE (Aromatic Garden Essence) offers solution-oriented Skincare, Body Care, and Haircare products at competitive prices. AGE products are all-natural. What does all-natural mean? That all products from AGE are silicon-free, fragrance-free, and colour-free. Want to know how to build a perfect Haircare Regime?  Join AGE Community.  Read Now Read Now Read Now
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