What it's like taking an exam during lockdown

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While some students might have had to take online exams at one point in their lives, others will not. As part my third year final assessments, I took an entirely new exam. It taught a lot to me about discipline and confidence in learning.


On the 3rd April came my exam timetable. I didn't know what I was going to get this year so I looked at my only exam, which was set for Thursday 7th of May at 10 am for 23 hours. What did that really mean? It meant that I had 23 hours from the moment the exam was published on the 7th to complete my assessment and submit it on Blackboard to my department. My first instinct was panic. How was it possible to write two essays within a single day? It used to take me weeks to complete an essay that I was satisfied with. Here's how to overcome exam anxiety so you can pass the assessment in no time.


This was an examination. When answering an essay question in essay writing conditions, it can be difficult for you to relax. You have more time and the illusion that you will be able write with the same quality that your coursework which took weeks. The truth is that this exam is an exam. And the marker is well aware of it. You won't be required to write an answer if it is not possible to do so in the exam room. This will be something you should learn as you prepare. It is important to understand the limits of time and to not expect yourself to do too much.


For essay-based exams, it is a good idea to get familiar with the exam format. The rules would apply to all years, but your online exam may use a different rubric. Is there an updated word count? What has the number of questions changed? The word count for my exam was limited to 1,000 words per essay. This was a relief. This allowed me to plan my essays with a framework that was clear and realizable, helping to alleviate some of the anxiety I had about writing pages upon pages.


I considered the fact that the exam would be open book when revising. This meant I had all the resources available to me when I took the exam. This was something that I thought about when I was taking notes. I also planned my notes to make them easy to read when I needed them. I also saved helpful websites and essays to my Chrome exam folder, so that I could easily access them during my 23-hour exam period.


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