Writing and self-publishing a book that takes you into today's competitive marketplace requires planning. Having a well-planned book publicity campaign is integral to your success. When you have a plan, there's a much better chance that target readers will hear about your book and become interested. Undoubtedly, other authors and their books will be going after the same readers, and you need to get the word out about yours to succeed. Part of planning also includes a timeline to implement your campaign to keep things working well together; it requires a well-coordinated effort.

You can take your book PR campaign in many directions, so you need to begin by being clear about your goals. The classic objective is to sell copies and downloads, but some authors have other priorities. Promoting a business or themselves is as important as book sales for some. Either way, you'll want to gear your marketing program to the desired outcome to maximize your success. It's also good to be prepared for the unexpected. In every campaign, some elements work better than others. As you roll out your PR push, you'll want to adjust and respond to what works best; what ends up prevailing may surprise you.

Understanding the target audience's behavior also helps significantly. What media do they watch or read, and what websites do they visit? The more you know where to reach the people you need, the more effective your campaign will be. Today, it's also routine (and advised) for books to have more than one target audience. As a result, you'll want to make pitches and earn coverage in media that reaches each group. You may also adjust what you say to increase your book's appeal to specific groups. Today's most successful campaigns are highly targeted and specifically address people's interests.

The same goes for editors and producers. Each has subject areas they cover, and approaching the right ones for your book matters. Publicists have lists of media contacts for many subjects and can help. If you promote your book DIY, you'll need to research the media and decide which can help. Niche marketing is the trend today, and books are well suited to it; no book can be for everyone, but appealing to one audience can do the trick. Excellent PR plans consider all these factors and help bring success. Give yourself and your book the advantage of planning ahead.

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