Getting a helping hand for managing household work can surely help in relieving stress from the head. If you get swamped with hectic schedules and a pile of work, hiring a domestic helper can be a great move. Engaging someone to take responsibility for your house can be intimidating and daunting, especially if you are hiring a Helper in Singapore for the first time.

Here we have listed some factors that should help you find your best match with a Domestic Helper Agency in Singapore.


How to choose the best domestic helper agency in Singapore

Singapore is stuffed with maid employment agencies; however, with so many options to browse from, which one to pick can become confusing. We have listed some tips that will help you make a choice.

  • Why do you want to hire?

Having an understanding of your domestic helper needs can help you get started with the process. This will help in hiring compatible helpers for your needs. Whether it's taking care of children, handling household chores, or any other requirements, knowing your expectations can help you search better.

Communicating your needs to the agency will help in getting suitable candidates.


  •  Agency credibility

When you are talking with an agency, make sure that they are reputable and trustworthy. This will ensure a worry-free experience. Make sure there are no hidden costs or fees, and they are regulated legally under MOM regulations. Online reviews will help you find a Domestic Helper Agency in Singapore.

  • Background of the helper

Before finalizing anything, it is recommended to run a background check on the helper, especially their employment history. Based on former employees' records, you will be able to assess her suitability for your household's expectations. For instance, if you are hiring a domestic helper to take care of the elderly or a child, it is important to understand how many years of experience the helper has in that field.

Look out for red flags, such as multiple employees within a short time, and check the reason behind switching so much for each employee. Get feedback from the employers to verify their performance and compatibility.


  • The personality of the helper

While interviewing their prospective Helper in Singapore, try to get to know her personality and character. You can discuss their hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses to see if they match what you are looking for in a helper for taking care of your household.

Look out for her patience, tardiness, and work performance in the difficult situations that might occur. For instance, if you are hiring a domestic helper to take care of your child, it is important to find out how cheerful she is and the different ways she will engage the child.


Do not fret over choosing the best Domestic Helper Agency in Singapore; they are designed and dedicated to helping you find the one that matches your requirements. By understanding your needs, you can easily save yourself and the company's time in the search process.

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