If you are a first-time exhibitor, you have probably lots of questions popping up in your mind. Will your exhibition experience be good or bad? Will your trade show displays be effective in generating leads? what if the exhibition management team rejects your display? This is natural for a first-time exhibitor. But don’t worry Expo Stand Services got your back. Among the top exhibition booth contractors, we are renowned for our high-quality trade show displays and other related services under one roof. We are the answer to all your queries. Curious to know how? So, let’s begin!

What is Expo Stand Services?

Expo Stand Services or ESS in short is one of the most prominent exhibition stand contractors in Europe and worldwide. Unlike other exhibition management companies, we provide comprehensive showcasing services. We are a leading provider of all sorts of popular trade show displays, such as modular, custom, double-decker, and county pavilion booths. At ESS, we also offer our booths for rent. It enables us to help those businesses that are financially lacking but want to display their innovative solutions. We cater worldwide across all the major cities.

Why Choose Us?

When you step onto the trade show floor, you may see the exhibitors making last-minute arrangements in their trade show displays. But when you choose ESS as your partner in your exhibiting the journey you don’t even have to consider it. Because we will arrange everything on the show floor before it opens for the general public. No matter if it is paperwork for formalities or finding a spot where you can get maximum audience attention, our professional exhibition management team manages it perfectly. We place your booth for better brand positioning.

How effective our trade show displays are?

  • ESS eye-catching designs of trade show displays quickly capture attention
  • Our displays successfully promote your products or services and attract new consumers.
  • We employ high-quality materials for longevity and a professional look.
  • We tailor to your display that resonates with your brand's identity and message.
  • Our designs maximize space which allows you to make the most of your display booth.
  • We guarantee simple setup and teardown which saves time and resources.
  • Our trade show displays encourage interactive involvement.
  • Improved foot traffic results from improved exposure at trade shows.
  • Our displays are inexpensive and provide a high return on investment.


So, if you are planning for any trade show in any corner of the world, we at ESS are always ready to help you out. You can contact us for captivating trade show displays and other related exhibit services. Reserve your booths now and increase your brand reputation with us.