The Enjin community is getting ready for the Enjin Blockchain's premiere, which will take place on September 13. The intention behind this development, which is to democratize access to NFTs—a concept that is essential to Enjin and Efinity—is to strengthen the NFT Gaming environment. 


With the next launch, these communities will be brought together under one unifying token, ENJ, improving user experience in the NFT Marketplace. 


Major Changes and Community Participation:


Some significant changes occurred with this switch to the new blockchain platform. After a successful community referendum in June, the Efinity Matrixchain will integrate with the Enjin Matrixchain and launch as the first matrixchain on the Enjin Blockchain.


There will also be changes to the token system, with Enjin Coin (ENJ) switching 1:1 from its ERC-20 base to the Enjin Blockchain's substrate base. ENJ will be traded for Efinity Tokens (EFI) at a ratio of 4:1.


The Enjin Blockchain also aims to increase user participation by implementing fuel tanks and controlled wallets in addition to new core features that streamline governance and staking procedures. 


Users in the NFT environment should feel these upgrades as being smoother and more interactive.


Transitioning with Ease and Looking to the Future


Users can anticipate a seamless integration of Efinity into the Enjin Matrixchain with the transfer of all existing data from Efinity and the automatic conversion of Substrate EFI to native ENJ. 


A unified, streamlined platform for the entire Enjin ecosystem is expected to be created by this move.


The Enjin app layer is preparing to integrate with the new blockchain in the future, giving users a better and more user-friendly experience. 


The Enjin Wallet software will provide access to current functionality like Beams on the Enjin Matrixchain, easing the transition of ENJ and EFI to native ENJ. 


Users will be encouraged to take part in community governance by using this app as a portal to early governance and staking UI.


Additionally, this launch will encourage additional development and innovation in the NFT industry. Users are urged to get ready for the migration as the deadline draws near and to explore the new NFT-related opportunities that the Enjin Blockchain will likely open up. 


The Enjin Blockchain distinguishes itself from other platforms by sacrificing the use of smart contracts and instead opting to incorporate crucial operations like producing, using, and transferring NFTs straight into its core code.


Enjin’s Industry Existence:


The company has announced a comprehensive set of blockchain tools and solutions that make it easier for developers, companies, and individual users to create, administer, trade, distribute, and integrate NFTs. 


The Enjin Platform, Enjin Wallet,, many Software Development Kits (SDKs) and plugins, a robust API, and a QR code asset distribution service are all included in this integrated system.


Enjin has also cultivated important partnerships with major players in the market, including Microsoft, Square Enix, and Entropia Universe. 


Additionally, it has collaborated with more than 100 game and app developers on some projects that fall under a variety of categories, including reward programs, open-world fantasy role-playing games, card trading games, augmented reality software, and Minecraft servers.


Overall, the Enjin Blockchain represents a promising new frontier for increasing NFT Marketplace engagement and accessibility.