Many self-published authors wonder whether handling book publicity DIY, usually online, is enough to find success. The answer is complicated unless you're a celebrity with hundreds of thousands of social media followers. For them, mentioning a new book to devoted fans will sell copies and downloads quickly. Other authors may have different experiences, so adding specific kinds of promotional activities is required. People who are also target readers need to discover your book and become interested in it. Often, sparking that interest requires a coordinated campaign.

DIY book marketing is also a question of your time and skills. If you have the free time to devote to making pitches and are naturally outgoing, your prospects may be encouraging. But many authors, especially first-timers, have other jobs or demands on their time. Marketing your book well is a full-time job before and after its launch. If you only work on it during your "free" time or sporadically, it can affect your chances of earning coverage. You can count on other authors and large publishing houses making a concerted effort to promote their books; they're who you compete against.

Even if you'll do primarily online publicity, book promotion still relies on contacting the right people – those interested in your or your book. Developing a contact list is time-consuming, no matter when or how you do it. When you hire a book publicist, they arrive with an established contact database and relationships with media, bloggers, podcasters, etc. When you're hoping to persuade people, details matter. You may risk being covered if you email a producer or editor who prefers phone calls or snail mail. Or, even more frighteningly, you might spark an unfavorable review. 

One of the newer options is a hybrid approach where you might do some yourself, and a publicist will provide support. Or, you can pay for a consultation with a book PR pro who can advise on the steps you'll need to take to promote your book DIY effectively. It can save you some of the beginner's errors you'd make on your first outing trying things by yourself. Having someone to ask or bounce ideas off of can be a significant asset. No two books and their authors are alike; what works best for you will be unique. Having a seasoned book marketer at your side throughout the process is always beneficial.

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