Choose the reliable BIS certification consultants in India
BIS certification is defined as providing the consumer with third party assurance of health, durability and product consistency. BIS certification is optional; as of now, this certification has been declared mandatory by the government of India for several goods considering public safety. If you are also one of those looking for BIS consultants, you landed at the right place. As Evtlindia INDIA, we are one of the most reliable BIS certification consultants and offer you the right service.

Best consultants for certification
Evtlindia INDIA has its headquarter in Delhi, India, and we are in this field of BIS registration and license all over India. We have covered everything that falls under the license consulting services as per the client's information. We are well known in the market for quick delivery, flawless administration and cost-effective price. When offering these facilities, our trained team members consider every aspect of preventing any discomfort.

We being the one-stop solution for all types of certification, have ranked at the top in providing the range of services that involve BIS certification consultants. All the services provided are properly performed by highly qualified practitioners who consider correctly using advanced methodologies. Our programs have been appreciated just because of the quick delivery and continuity. We always make sure that our customer receives the right thing based on their requirements at an affordable range.

Why is BIS registration essential?
For the producer of electronic products like automobile accessories, cylinders, electronic products, etc., as well as for the fertilizers and chemicals industry, it is essential to obtain a BIS certificate. If they do not obtain the BIS certification, the manufacturer dealing in these kinds of products do not get permission to sell and market their products in the domestic market.

Even for international businesses that are looking forward to market their products and services in India. It is also essential to get the BIS certified products to sell them to the public. Primarily, this certification is mandatory to obtain before you introduce your product within the boundaries of India since the certification is only documentation mentioned by the Indian government that confirms the quality of the products that are being marketed in India according to the parameters and standards.

Moreover, to the products mentioned, it is also essential for the cement manufacturer, footwear, food and several related products to get the certification of BIS marketing their products in India. Even the producers of wiring cables use in electrical installations, switches and several industrial products are compelled to obtain this certification. To identify the certified product, it is essential that the packaging of the products should contain the logo of ISI accompanied by the seven-digit license number with the IS number allotted by the IS.

How can you obtain BIS certification?
In conformity, the BIS office shall issue the BIS certification with the authorized Indian standard, considering the safety testing of the content. Evtlindia INDIA is one of India's best BIS Consultant for foreign and Indian manufacturers who wants to market and sell their good in India.

The certification program of BIS product
The certification program for goods is one the biggest across the country. BIS Certification asks for the licenses to apply the usual ISI mark linked with the quality goods given in the label. As per the recent guidelines from the Ministry, 90 items are required for the BIS registration. BIS also sustain the validation system mainly for the international manufacturers wherein the abroad factories might be required to use the BIS standard label. Being a trusted organization, our main focus is to involve all the required assistance from the end of the supplier to register for the BIS research. Being a legal agent on behalf of production units, we develop a presentation to send the product for testing in BIS licensed testing centres and complete the needed documentation. A part of our process is providing the required resources and customers clearance accommodation.