China Different Size Check Valve Product Description The 1 inch check valve opening and closing parts are opened or closed by themselves by the flow and force of the medium to prevent the backflow of the medium. The valve is also called a 25mm check valve, 1 inch one way valve. The check valve belongs to the automatic valve category, which is mainly used in the pipeline where the medium flows in one direction, and only allows the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents. 1 inch check valve type Check valves include lift check valve, swing check valve, butterfly check valve, forged steel check valve, cast steel check valve, silent check valve, cast iron check valve, brass check valve Valve, stainless steel check valve, carbon steel check valve, rubber flap check valve, double flap check valve, etc. 1 inch check valve Characteristics: 1. The disc closes rapidly, and has small water hammer pressure; Can be used for horizontal pipe lines and vertical pipe lines. 2. Convenient utilization; 3. Free channel and small fluid resistance; 4. Excellent sealing; 5. Short stroke of valve disc and small impact force when closing valve; 6. Compact structure, beautiful modeling; 7. Long service life and reliability. 1 inch check valve Application range: The check valve is suitable for control connection or connection under various pressures, temperatures and media of various medium and small diameter pipelines such as petroleum, chemical industry, thermal power stations, etc. with nominal pressure PN1.6锝?6.0 Mpa and working temperature of -29锝?50鈩? The opening and closing device for cutting off the pipeline medium. Applicable media are: water, oil, steam, etc. Check valve Industry Codes and Standards Valve Design: BS 1868/ API 6D Pressure Testing: BS 6755-I Face To Face: ANSI B 16.10 Flange Drilling: ANSI B 16.5/ BS 10 Table/ DIN/ IS/ JIS Std. Butt Weld End: ANSI B 16.25 Face to Face: ANSI B 16.10 Socket Weld End: ANSI B 16.11 Screwed End: ANSI B 1.20.1(BSP/NPT) 1 inch check valve order process Customers provide: working pressure, temperature, medium, connection mode, drive mode and other parameters. Specific agreement: whether to include tax, delivery date, shelf life, payment method, etc. Special requirements should be stated in the inquiry, and various drive devices can be configured according to customer requirements. KA provides you with check valve type standards, structure diagrams, specifications, dimensions, working principles and product manuals. Cast steel check valve conforms to relevant manufacturing standards, welcome to inquire and purchase! What are the requirements for the selection of check valves 1. In order to prevent the backflow of the medium, check valves should be installed on the equipment, devices and pipelines; 2. The check valve is generally suitable for clean medium, not suitable for medium containing solid particles and high viscosity; 3. Generally, horizontal lift check valves should be used on horizontal pipes with a nominal diameter of 50mm; 4. Straight-through lift check valve can only be installed in horizontal pipelines; 5. For the pump inlet pipeline, the bottom valve should be selected. The bottom valve is generally only installed on the vertical pipeline of the pump inlet, and the medium flows from bottom to top; Why choose us? KA has been specializing in flow control area for more than 17 years. As a professional supply chain manager of flow control products, KA offer gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball, JIS and DIN marine valves, actuators, with pressure range from 0.5-6.4MPA, size from DN15-DN3000, as well as valve design, inspection, consultation services etc. With profound understanding of the importance of customer requirement and 17 years experience, we offer highly cost-effective products, enjoying a good reputation. And we have various kinds of certificates, such as ISO9001, API, ABS, PED, UL, FM, WRAS, DVGW, DNV, LR, BV etc, selling to more than 30 countries. Being a reliable partner, we are looking forward to cooperating with you. FAQ 1. What's your advantage? A: Honest business with competitive price and professional service on export process. 2. How I believe you? A: We consider honest as the life of our company, we can tell you the contact information of our some other clients for you to check our credit. Besides, there is trade assurance from Alibaba, your order and money will be well guaranteed. 3. What kind of payment does your company support? A: T/T, 100% L/C at sight, Cash, Western Union are all accepted if you have other payment, please contact me.China Different Size Check Valve website: