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India Luggage Market is estimated to gain traction in the country on the back of the rising demand for luxury luggage to attain high durability and style. Moreover, the offering of travel-specific features such as anti-theft mechanisms and lightweight material to carry easily. The India luggage market is driven by changing consumer choices, technological advancements, and changing & evolving travel trends. The rising middle-class population led to spending on travel, thereby the travel products purchased also increased including luggage. The changing travel trends, like adventure tourism, and weekend travel, simultaneously the customers demand is also diversifying. This had resulted in the rising offering of different sizes and features of luggage to cater to customer demand.

According to 6Wresearch, the India Luggage Market size is expected to reach a CAGR of more than 5.6% during the forecast period 2020-2026. The increasing trend of online shopping and increased disposable income among consumers contribute significantly to the growth of the India luggage industry. Moreover, the rising population, expanding tourism industry, changing lifestyles, and improved air connectivity are some other factors that drive the demand for luggage bags in India. Additionally, advancements in technology have helped manufacturers develop innovative products that cater to customers` needs and preferences. Furthermore, with an increase in international trips by students as well as professionals from India has resulted in increased demand for hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases with rolling functions which further drives the overall growth of this sector.

Key Players of the India Luggage Market

India Luggage Market consists of several prominent players offering an extensive range of luggage products, also they are investing heavily to produce an innovative range of luggage products to serve the different needs of the customers. Some of the leading players are mentioned below:

  • Samsonite

  • VIP Industries Ltd.

  • American Tourister (owned By Samsonite) Wildcraft India Pvt Ltd.

  • Skybags

  • Safari

Market Analysis by Product Type

According to Nitesh Kumar, Research Manager, 6Wresearch, all the segments are experiencing major market growth and dominating the India luggage market share influenced by consumer preferences and shifts in population lifestyle.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • India Luggage Market Outlook

  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Luggage Revenues & Volume for the Period 2016 - 2026

  • Market Size of India Luggage Market, 2019

  • Forecast of India Luggage Market, 2026

  • India Luggage Price Trends

  • India Luggage Porter's Five Forces

  • India Luggage Industry Life Cycle

  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Luggage Market Revenues & Volume By Other Product Types for the Period 2016 - 2026

  • Market Opportunity Assessment By Distribution Channel

  • India Luggage Top Companies Market Share

  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Luggage Market Revenues & Volume By Business Luggage for the Period 2016 - 2026

  • India Luggage Import Export Trade Statistics

  • Historical Data and Forecast of India Luggage Market Revenues & Volume By Sports Luggage for the Period 2016 - 2026

  • India Luggage Competitive Benchmarking By Technical and Operational Parameters

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