CATIA stands for computer-aided three-dimensional Interactive utility. It was released in 1977 through Dassault Systemes. The concept of growing CATIA became the basis for designing the Dassault Mirage fighter jet. To begin with, CATIA had an interface for CAD; however, over the years, it has advanced and now incorporates CAD, CAM, and CAE. CAD permits second and third dimensional (3-D designs of device parts as well as different products. CAM is a computer-aided manufacturing method that allows for three-dimensional design of manufacturing techniques. CAE approach PC aided engineering It is reading a software programme for verification of 3D models.

Importance of CATIA

Different versions, like V5 and V4, are also utilised in collaboration. All versions are extremely good in terms of utilisation, look, and overall performance. The designing procedure evolved and advanced during the development of the variations from V4 to V5. Alternatively, the handling of the statistics was modified from versions V5 to V6. Updates are also launched by Dassault Systemes. These updates include bug fixes and extra applications protected in the version.

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