About Silagra 100mg

Silagra 100mg is a useful and effective drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The main ingredient in this drug is sildenafil which helps in increasing the blood flow in the blood vessels and acts as a muscle relaxant. It is important to consult a doctor while using this medicine. Arousal can be increased with the help of this medicine. So a strong lift can be easily obtained or maintained. As this medicine is effective, you can enjoy sex with your partner for a long time.

This medicine contains an ingredient called sildenafil which helps in increasing the blood flow to the tissues of the penis in men. This medicine helps to relax the tissues of the penis in men. After taking this medicine, it helps men to have stronger, harder, and longer erections during intercourse.

Silagra 100mg should be used only as directed by the doctor. This medicine can also be used on an empty stomach. This medicine should never be crushed or broken. Use it hard. Do not use this medicine with fatty foods. Doing so reduces the effectiveness of the medicine. This medicine should be used one hour before sexual intercourse. The effect of this medicine starts in 30 to 40 minutes. The effect of this medicine is observed in the body for 4 to 6 hours. The duration of the effect of this drug is unknown. It varies from person to person.

Other Strength Of Silagra

  • ·         Silagra 50

Side Effects Of Silagra 100mg:


  • ·         Headache
  • ·         Back pain
  • ·         Muscle aches
  • ·         Pain in arms and legs
  • ·         Facial flushing
  • ·         Nasal congestion
  • ·         Indigestion


  • ·         Fainting, seizures, memory loss, swelling of the eyelids, red eyes
  • ·         Decrease or loss of hearing, hives, penile bleeding
  • ·         Blood in semen and increased sweating

Under What Circumstances Should You Not Take The Medicine?

·         This drug should not be used by young children or women. This drug can only be used by adult men over 18 years of age.

·         No other sex drug should be used while using this drug.

·         Alcohol should not be consumed while using this drug.

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