China Mine Drill Equipment factory Manual Rock Drill Product Production 1.Before using the manual rock drill, first check the integrity and rotation of all parts, add necessary lubricating oil, check whether the air and water channels are unblocked and whether all connecting joints are firm. 2. Knock the side and ask the top near the working face, that is, check whether there are live stones and loose stones on the top plate and the second side near the working face, and make necessary treatment. 3. The flat blast hole position of the working face shall be tamped in advance before rock drilling to prevent slipping or blast hole displacement. 4. When drilling holes, the drilling personnel are not allowed to wear gloves. 5. When use the manual rock drill using air leg drilling, pay attention to the standing posture and position. Never pressurize by your body, let alone stand under the working drill rod in front of the rock drill, so as to prevent breaking the drill rod from hurting people. Manual Rock Drill Machine Details Manual Rock Drill Machine Parameter We Are Experts In Mining Equipment Our Factory Package and Delivery Our Certification China Mine Drill Equipment factory website: