Jaidev Shroff has been instrumental in transforming UPL from a predominantly domestic player into a truly global Indian multinational organization. With a diverse workforce representing over 25 different nationalities, UPL operates 35 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants across India, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America, enabling the company to effectively serve the farming community around the world.

Jai's vision for UPL revolves around providing smart, affordable, and profitable solutions to the global farming community. He places a strong emphasis on innovation, research, and excellence, driving the company's continuous improvement and commitment to "Doing Things Better."

Beyond his role at UPL, Jai Shroff believes in the power of collaboration and inter-sectoral partnerships. He actively engages in various global development initiatives, including the World Economic Forum's Grow Africa and Grow Asia programs, IFPRI's Sustainable Agriculture and Global Food Security Initiative, as well as organizations such as WBCSD, Chicago Council, IGD, and ICAR. By actively participating in these initiatives, Jai strives to contribute to the global development agenda and address the challenges of sustainable agriculture and global food security.

With his vast industry knowledge, visionary leadership, and commitment to innovation, Jaidev Shroff continues to drive UPL Limited towards its mission of providing sustainable and impactful solutions that contribute to global food security and the well-being of farmers worldwide