To contact Delta Air Lines in Spanish, you can use the following steps:
  1. Find the Spanish customer service number: Visit the Delta Air Lines website and look for the contact information or customer service section. Look specifically for a Delta Airlines Telefono number or contact option labeled as "Español" or "Spanish."

  2. Dial the Spanish customer service number: Once you have the Spanish customer service number, dial it from your phone. Make sure you have a reliable phone connection.

  3. Follow the instructions: Listen to the automated voice prompts or instructions provided in Spanish. Typically, there will be options for different types of inquiries or services. Pay attention to the menu options and choose the appropriate one based on your query or issue.

  4. Communicate with a representative: Eventually, you will be connected to a customer service representative who speaks Spanish. Explain your query with Delta Airlines Español. If you need assistance with booking, changing a reservation, or any other matter, provide the representative with the necessary details and ask for their guidance or support.


Remember to remain patient and polite during the conversation. Communication in your preferred language will help ensure a smoother and more efficient resolution to your inquiry or issue.

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