This unit will help students reflect on their own practice and acknowledge their responsibility to lifelong learning in their future roles as Registered Nurses. Students will receive support to create a portfolio that shows their professional abilities and insight into practice. This capstone unit will allow students to consolidate their knowledge, integrate theory, and reflect on previous units. 160 hours of PEP are embedded in this unit. The portfolio will be based on the students' nursing experience across the life span, taking into consideration Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, other cultures, and people of diverse backgrounds across a variety of primary, secondary, and tertiary setting.

HNB3005 Consolidation of Nursing Assignment

The assessment tasks are designed to link learning outcomes with graduate abilities. Students will present an early proposal of a portfolio in the first assessment for this unit worth 24 credits. Students will submit a progress report as part of the second assessment task to demonstrate their knowledge development. Students will be required to submit a summative portfolio in the third assessment task. They must demonstrate narrative and reflective writing skills. The fourth assessment task will test students' theoretical knowledge and presentation abilities with a narrated, visual presentation.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able:

1. Negotiate and validate an educational plan that is aligned with the Registered Nurse Standards of 2016.

2. Promote the rights of Aboriginal peoples, Torres Strait Islanders, and other cultures;

3. Demonstrate a wide range of communication skills, both intra- and inter-professional to engage in collaborative person-centered practice.

4. Apply critical thinking and judgments to professional and therapeutic nursing practice in order to demonstrate intellectual independence;

5. Examine ethical dilemmas that arise in professional practice and demonstrate professional values and ethics.

6. The nursing profession must be able to articulate and demonstrate nursing values, codes and ethics, as well as the unique role and contribution that nursing research plays in solving real-world problems in professional practice.

7. Incorporate previous knowledge, and demonstrate safe and effective care in relation to path physiology, pharmacotherapeutics, and quality use medicines.