In many daily word games inspired by Wordle unlimited, players are limited to six approximations. You are eliminated if your first six predictions are erroneous. Not the case this time around. You may make as many predictions as you like in Contexto, and each one contributes to your daily average score.

After entering a single word in a text box, the submit key must be pressed.

You will be informed of the word's rank relative to the top-ranked confidential word.

When the number is smaller, the solution is closer. A greater distance corresponds to a larger number.

Enter additional estimates in Contexto unlimited based on what you've learned from the first one, until you find the correct answer for the day.

After completing the puzzle, let's click to observe the top 500 words from today's game.

Although we maintain a complete archive of previous Wordle solutions for your reference, you are not permitted to play any of the games again. It is made possible by Contexto. Tap the three vertical dots to access the menu, then tap "Previous games" to play additional games.