There are so many online music promotion sites on the Internet that promise you unlimited downloads of music. While some of them may be genuine sites, a large number of them are fraud. Their sole purpose seems to get sensitive information about you. Most of these sites will ask you to register with them. They will prompt you to disclose them your credit card number, mobile phone number, email ID, street address, and monthly income. This information may some day be used by them to your disadvantage.



Peer-to-peer websites promise you unlimited online music promotion downloads. Such sites are known to infect your computer with viruses and malwares when you download online music from them. The malware will disable valuable resources of your computer. You may need to install a malware removing software to get rid of it. These sites are usually full of aggressive flashing ads and irritating pop-ups. It becomes very difficult to navigate the site and find what you want.



Some of these sites may even trick you into paying for the software that you will need to download online music. The same software could be available free of cost on other sites. Look for the price of subscription and check if there are any hidden charges for burning a CD. Some Websites may disappear overnight after collecting money from you for membership. To avoid this situation, read the terms and conditions of the site and check if the site is legally authorized to give you free online music CD downloads. The last thing you would want is to become a law offender.



It also makes sense to check the site's reputation. Find how long they have been into the business and read clients' feedbacks & reviews. If you do not have enough time for research, try this quick check for a possible scam. Navigate your mouse over the major links on the site like "Download Now" or "Online Music CD Download." If you see the same URL that your homepage has, better go to some other site.