Best Cement Manufacturer in France

Luigi Ferdinandi & Luigi Cement Co was a cement manufacturing company that was established in the United States in the early 20th century. The company was founded in 1903 in Boston, Massachusetts by Luigi Ferdinandi, an Italian immigrant who had previously worked in the cement industry in Italy.

The company initially produced only Portland cement, which is a type of hydraulic cement that is commonly used in construction. However, over time, the company expanded its product line to include other types of cement and building materials.

Luigi Ferdinandi & Son Cement Co continued to operate for several decades, but eventually went out of business in the 1970s due to declining demand and increased competition in the cement industry.

It's important to note that Luigi Ferdinandi & Son Cement Co is not the same as "Luigi Cement" that you mentioned earlier, which I could not find any information about.

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Top 10 Cement Companies in France

1. Imerys

1974– After almost a century, as a stand-alone company, Peñarroya branched out, buying a French clay roof tile maker and an American steel and metals processor. It created a holding company called Imetal to manage the new business.

1985– The company made its first significant investment in refractory minerals and ceramics when it acquired France’s Damrec and started to switch its focus from non-ferrous metallurgy activities to industrial minerals. The Group restructured its business into three key sectors: Building Materials, Industrial Minerals and Metals Processing.

1990– Imetal intensified its focus on industrial minerals, buying companies in markets including Brazil, France, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, the UK and the US, and in materials such as kaolin, calcium carbonates, refractory minerals, monolithic refractories, ball clays, ceramics with KPCL, graphite and white pigments.

2. Ciments Francais

Ciments Calcia offers a complete range of high-performance products adapted to all needs. Gray cements, white cements, lime, masonry binders, road binders and special products, the diversity of Ciments Calcia products, CE standardized and NF labeled, provide a response to all the requirements of the construction market.

The first French cement manufacturer to obtain ISO 14001 certification , Ciments Calcia makes the quality of its products and respect for the environment an objective, a philosophy and a mode of action.

3. Consolis Group

We provide sustainable construction solutions for residential and non-residential construction; urban and rural planning; transportation infrastructure such as roads, airports, bridges and tunnels; fresh and wastewater distribution and drainage; and specific industrial needs such as power stations. All our construction solutions are specifically adapted to the industrial, geographical and climatic environment in which they are used.

Not only do we provide solutions that fit the needs of a rapidly evolving global marketplace, but we also anticipate the market’s future requirements. Consolis R&D teams are continually developing innovative materials, products, methods and manufacturing processes to ensure that our solutions are sustainable for today and tomorrow.

4. Bonna Sabla

Bonna Sabla is part of the Consolis group , the leading European group in the prefabricated concrete products industry with a turnover of 1.5 billion euros, 17 countries and 10,000 employees in 2019.

Responsible and committed, Bonna Sabla strives to reduce the impact of its products and processes on the environment and designs solutions for its customers that meet their sustainable development objectives.

5. KP1 Group

French leader in prefabricated construction systems, KP1 is a building player firmly rooted in the local economy. With 39 sites, including 20 factories, spread across France, the group has cultivated this proximity to territories for nearly 60 years.

To materialize this long-term approach, it called on the independent rating agency BIOM, which carries out comprehensive studies on the economic impact of the company at the societal and environmental level. After examining the balance sheets, BIOM put them into perspective with the public standards (Grenelle de l’Environnement, planning documents, CSR, etc.) then produced ratios.

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6. Vicat

At Vicat, we believe in the strength of permanent innovation.

Innovation that, since 1817 and the demystification of artificial cement, has been improving our daily lives.

Innovation that helps build the housing of tomorrow and the roads that tie us together. Innovation that enables bridges, schools, and museums to be built, and thus opens new horizons.

7. Bormioli Luigi S.p.A

Bormioli Luigi is a glass factory specialized in offering high-end containers for perfumery and distilleries and tableware in superior sound glass. In the pride of a millenary privilege, the Bormioli family continues the ever-current and exciting challenge inspired by the art of glassmaking.

8. Selective Line

Selective Line is “the premium brand” of Verallia , the world’s third largest producer of glass packaging for beverages and food products.

Selective Line offers super premium glass bottles, infinitely customizable. From design to completion, our expert glassmakers and decorators accompany you throughout the development to make your bottles unique creations.


Founded in 1999, our public works company , SARL Maire, near Verdun, puts all of its know-how and expertise acquired in public works at the service of individuals, professionals and communities .


AUDEMARD is a fast-growing family group, made up of several companies on a human scale, which operates in four industrial businesses:

the production of aggregates, the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete, the operation of landfill centers and the recovery of inert materials, as well as the production of prefabricated concrete elements.

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