high quality RF Components Introduction Integrated Attenuator is a circuit used to introduce a predetermined attenuation within a specified frequency range. It is generally indicated by the decibels of the introduced attenuation and the ohms of its characteristic impedance. Attenuators are widely used in cable television systems to meet multi-port level requirements. Specification 鈼?DC-6GHz, 10-250W 鈼?Attenuation range 0-20dB, the attenuation value is flat 鈼?Resistance range 0.5-20000惟, standard value 50-100惟鈼?Low standing wave ratio, high reliability 鈼?Flange, or without flange The main purpose (1) Adjust the size of the signal in the circuit; (2) In the comparison method measurement circuit, it can be used to directly read the attenuation value of the network under test; (3) Improve impedance matching. If some circuits require a relatively stable load impedance, an attenuator can be inserted between the circuit and the actual load impedance to buffer impedance changes. Application The integrated attenuator is used to control the microwave power. It can be installed in the chassis or welded in the microwave circuit. It has the characteristics of small size, high precision, stability and reliability. Package Delivery Certification If you're interested, you can contact us to get more details about Integrated Attenuator.high quality RF Components website:http://www.efinetech.net/rf-components/