The recent report by Markntel Advisors on Dental Chair Market Size, Share, Analysis Future and forecast 2022-2027 promises trustworthy, objective, and precise insights into the market with the addition of accurate and reliable data explaining and briefing about the elements of the industry. The diverse fragmentation of the industry is handled by investigating each element, segment-wise, region-wise, and more, to comprehend a detailed and systematic report to provide the stakeholder with all the various tools and details of the industry.

The researchers analyze the collected data and present an understanding of the flow of the market. Through various subdivisions, the report aims to declutter all the trends and factors fueling the market’s growth. The report is a systematical, chapter-wise thesis of multiple segments, areas, characteristics, environmental or regional influence, and other factors involved in the overall growth and establishment of the industry. By dividing the market into chapters, the analysts present the report more straightforwardly to point out all the minute details of the industry and how it influences other factors.

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The Key Elements Covered in Dental Chair Market Report:

  • The report tracks and covers the regions where the market is partially and majorly active. Geographically, the market focuses on the place of manufacture, raw material extraction to the area where the products consumers are based, to be the regional expansion of the industry. To track and forecast the market size, the geographically dominant region in the industry, concerning the central areas covered.
  • The report is compiled systematically and methodically, with each section neatly covering its essence and influence in the market. Likewise, the report provides a credible selection of market dynamics consisting of the following significant pillars of the industry’s study, Market Drivers, Market Restraints, Growth Opportunities, Challenges
  • A separate section to provide the impact of COVID-19 on the market to better grasp the fluctuation during and after the pandemic. 
  • Elaborated information on industry overview, specifications, definitions, suppliers, R&D status, cost structure analysis, sources, technological advancement, the further scope for improvement, applications, and more. 

Market Dynamics

Key Driver: Rapidly Rising Incidence of Oral Health Ailments Worldwide

The growing number of dentists, surge in medical tourism, and rapid developments related to healthcare infrastructure have all resulted in significant advancements in dental healthcare facilities & surgical procedures globally in order to cater to the mounting prevalence of oral infections & periodontal diseases, especially in the elderly population.

Moreover, the rising consumer interest in oral aesthetics is another prominent aspect instigating companies to manufacture more efficient and technologically advanced dental equipment, including chairs. Hence, these aspects are projected to drive the Global Dental Chair Market during 2022-27 and create new avenues for companies to yield significant profits.

Growth Restraint: Significantly High Dental Equipment Costs and Expensive Treatments

The most prominent factor likely to restrain the growth of the Global Dental Chair Market during 2022-27 is the high ownership & maintenance costs of the latest dental chairs, which makes them unaffordable for most dental health practitioners, especially in developing economies.

In addition, with the lack of consumer awareness regarding the importance of oral health and expensive dental care treatments, there are fewer patient visits to clinics or hospitals for dental health procedures, i.e., another crucial factor likely to hinder the growth of the dental chair industry in the coming years.

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A Window into What Competitors Are Doing

The report comprises of detailed study of the steps, products, changes, marketing strategies, sustainability tactics, mergers, acquisition, and more which has shaped the industry and affected the market. The report showcases various elements to explain the dominance of competitors and the market, including:

  • Recent developments
  • Risk & SWOT analysis
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Performance 
  • Services offered

In the case of the Dental Chair market, the market participants include:

-A-dec (Austin Dental Equipment Company)

-Danaher Corporation

-Dentsply Sirona Inc.

-DentalEZ, Inc.

-Dexta Corporation

-Envista Holdings Corporation

-Henry Schein Inc.

-Ivoclar Vivadent AG

-Midmark Corporation



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Dividing The Dental Chair Market into Sections:

The report covers the bifurcations of the industry group based on a common element, on which further investigation is performed. Furthermore, the report provides data on each high-performer segment in each group of features and information about the reasons behind the part acquiring a higher share or flourishing more in the industry. Thus, a deep analysis of various market elements is presented by categorizing the segments as follows:

By Design



-Dental Chair-Mounted

By Product



By Application




By End-User



By Region

-North America

-South America


-Middle East & Africa


Offers and Customizations of Dental Chair Market Report

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