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Areas of Network Management

The key areas of network management are:

  • Configuration Management àNetworks, be it the globally-spanning Internet or a local network, are generally made up of numerous entities, which can be either physically or logically connected to its philosophy assignment help.
  • Fault Management àErrors and faults are unavoidable, and reactive & proactive fault management is essential to resolving and preventing any fault.
  • Performance management àPerformance management is closely linked to fault management and ensures smooth, flawless, & continual operations.
  • Security Management àData security is critical, making security management indispensable.
  • Accounting Management àThis aspect exacts control over access to network resources.

The Simple Network Management Protocol

The SNM protocol is the most important network management protocol. assignment maker It is an application layer protocol and, in actuality, is a framework for managing devices using the TCP/IP suite. The rules and algorithms allow better monitoring and maintaining internetworking among TCP/IP devices.

Managers are the host computers that run the SNMP client program, while agents are either hosts or routers that run the SNMP server program. The agent stores network performance information in a database system, which the manager can fetch and evaluate to analyse network performance & improve it further.


SMI & MIB define the generic rules for naming, encoding, and defining the objects within those packets. Structure of Management Information (SMI) and Management Information Base (MIB) is the partner protocols of SNMP. SMI deals with the language & syntax of the objects being transferred across the network, their types & characteristics, and encoding. MIB deals with declarations and definitions, while SNMP carries out all the operations.

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