Fans have long speculated the Paladin would be the next class to become added to Diablo 4, also it could look much like past iterations.

With the newest Diablo 4 beta, fans reached try all of the classes hanging around, however, many felt there is something missing. It has always been speculated that Diablo 4 would inevitably include not only five classes. After all, if Diablo 4 were to visit just five, this means that it featured minimal choices from a mainline game—if one counts the Hellfire expansion for that original Diablo.

The consensus probably class to become listed on Diablo 4 may be the Paladin. As the game has pulled the Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcereress, and Druid in the class choices in Diablo 2, it appears to most the Paladin is definitely an inevitability. Much like its Diablo 2 contemporaries, the Paladin could slot directly into Diablo 4 with just a few minor tweaks and changes required to bring it up to date.

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What Skills Could The Paladin Bring to Diablo 4

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The four classes pulled from Diablo 2 are relatively unchanged within their Diablo 4 iterations. The Necromancer in Diablo 4, for example, maintains its core summoning abilities in addition to familiar spells in the Bone and Curse skill trees. While the concept of a Blood specialization was a newcomer to Diablo 4, inside the Blood tree, most of the spells and ideas are derived from the Necromancer's original appearance in Diablo 2.

If the Paladin were to round out the category choices in Diablo 4, it appears exceedingly likely it would bring lots of its old repertoire together with it. The safest bet is Paladins will bring back Blessed Hammer—arguably probably the most well-known skill in most of Diablo 2. With Diablo 4's tendency towards larger crowds of monsters, a skill much like Blessed Hammer appears like a no-brainer, and Blizzard may even add the capability to shoot the Blessed Hammer linearly for the tight, cramped dungeon parts of Diablo 4.

Another easy prediction when the Paladin joins Diablo 4 because the sixth class could be Holy Shield. As it currently stands, the only real class that may equip a shield may be the Necromancer. If the Paladin turns up, it is a sure-fire bet the class can equip shields and can have skills associated with them in a certain fashion. The only skills that could be questionable to become carried over from Diablo 2 could be niche, less popular skills like Holy Bolt, Conversion, and maybe the Resistance auras.

Where The Paladin Would Fit With The Other Diablo 4 Classes

Durability could be the name of the game for that Paladin. As the Barbarian's role in Diablo 4 shifts using their inability to use shields, the Paladin may likely slot into the role of the ultra-durable, single-target specialist. There's absolutely zero chance the Paladin will come in with no ability to wear heavy armor and shields, meaning it would undoubtedly feature the greatest base armor stats from any class. Combined with the likelihood the Paladin will bring in auras and defensive abilities, fans would finally get their hands on an authentic damage-soaking tank class.