We all know that keeping our purchased coins safe is our responsibility because as far as the crypto industry is growing, the value of digital assets is also evolving so far. And, we can’t deny the fact that the increasing value of digital assets is not only attracting traders to invest and earn more but also attracting thieves and hackers to steal or hack easily accessible assets from digital platforms. So, we need to be more careful in terms of the security of our crypto assets. 

In that context, I’m going to elaborate on a prominent, well-secured and trusted crypto wallet which can be useful to provide security to your purchased assets.

The name of that wallet is Coinbase wallet, you might have heard about it or there is a chance that you may confuse it with Coinbase crypto exchange. So, let me clarify that, the Coinbase wallet is owned by the same company Coinbase Global, which owns the Coinbase trading platform. These both are different platforms, so you can access the Coinbase wallet with Coinbase exchange but you can also create a separate account on Coinbase wallet to store your purchased coins safely if you are using any other platform to trade with.

Why Coinbase wallet can be a better fit?

Wondering, why you should go for a Coinbase wallet when the crypto market is almost swamped with such crypto wallets? Let me explain some of the major benefits of using a Coinbase wallet which can propel you to opt for a Coinbase wallet.

    • Complete control of crypto assets: This wallet is a self-custody wallet which means it enables its users to control their data and crypto assets completely. 
  • Store NFTs: In this wallet, you are not only able to store the Coinbase-supported crypto assets but can also manage and dump in Ethereum and polygon NFTs safely under the same platform.
  • Industry-leading security: This wallet allows its users to store their purchased coins in well-encrypted software. There is no security breach occurred in history. This wallet has huge popularity and is trusted by millions of users worldwide.
  • Works with Coinbase: As I have already driven in the get-go of this read that if you are a Coinbase user, there is no need to create a separate account, you can access this Coinbase directly via the Coinbase platform. You can use your Coinbase login credentials to get access.
  • Supports Dapps: Along with supporting hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to store in and manage, this wallet also offers to access the numerous dApps (decentralized apps).

The Bottom Line!

As a crypto trader, if you are worried about the security of your purchased assets, make sure to keep them in a trusted and secured wallet. Coinbase wallet can be an apt choice to hold your assets as it is encrypted with industry-leading security facets and also delivers various other needful services for traders. If you are going to take a step forward towards giving a whirl to this wallet, I’m sure it will not let you down ever.