Glued Type Steel Fiber factory Glued Steel Fiber RC 80/60-BN Tensile strength1,150 N/m銕?/p> Length 60 mm Diameter 0.75 mm Hook shape Aspect ratio Young's Modulus210,000 N/ m銕?/p> Density7,850 kg/m鲁 Network4,800 fibres/kg Minimum dosage15 kg/m鲁 Applicaiotn 鈥?The most cost-effective products High length and aspect ratio result in excellent concrete reinforcement properties. The bonded row process ensures that the steel fibers are easy to disperse and use. It can be widely used in floors, paving, mining, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, prefabricated segments and other fields. 鈥?Comprehensive reinforcement of your concrete Different from ordinary reinforced concrete, steel fibers can be evenly distributed in every corner of the concrete, whether it is upper or lower, edge or corner, outer surface or center. Steel fibers are always ubiquitous, exerting their reinforcing effect. 鈥?Excellent performance Provides excellent bearing capacity for concrete without the thickness of steel cover; better crack control ability, fatigue and impact resistance; longer structural life, lower construction cost and construction period, and lower maintenance cost. Product Feature High purity material To ensure the strength and ductility of steel fibers, choose high quality low carbon custom wire rod. Purity is up to 99.5% or more. Strong anchoring Steel fiber end hooks are specially designed to match different concrete strengths and applications. High strength The strength of steel fiber is as high as 1000-2300mpa, which is 2-5 times that of ordinary steel bar. High aspect ratio The high aspect ratio ensures the low - doped and high - efficiency of steel fiber. The length and length-diameter ratio can be customized according to customer's requirements. High quality glue The high quality glue ensures that the steel fiber can resist the external force and will not spread before use. Good dispersity Steel fiber is evenly distributed after secondary dispersion in concrete mixing process and does not bend without agglomeration. Performance comparison with imported brand Dimensional tolerance can meet the highest standard requirements. Zhitai steel fiber strength is slightly higher than imported brands. Bending performance can reach the highest standard requirements. Purity 99.5%, higher than some imported brand. The elongation of steel fiber is about 1%. Every year, the number of steel fibers we produced that can orbit the earth 230 times. Steel Fiber Manufacturer Participated in the compilation of National Standard/ Product/ Structural Design Standard 60+ floorreal cases every year, including basement, refrigeration storage, logistics, automobile, manufacturing, tobacco, medicine and other industries. Participated in the compilation of 6 steel fiber-related specifications. High-techenterprise qualification. Established for more than 10 years, the order for single projectis 10,000 tons+, which is stable and reliable. CE first-level certification with 11 models of steel fibers have passed CE first-level certification, Guaranteed quality. The vicechairman unit of the Flooring Association, a member of the expert data base (concrete structure aspect). Free providing no cutting seam and Seamless crack limit floorplans, calculation sheet, and steel fiber construction guidance. Nearly half numbers of the steel fiber exported, the Chinese own brand of steel fiber锛?/p>Glued Type Steel Fiber factory website: