Customized Bms Tester 1-24 Series Battery Protection Board BMS Tester 聽 Products Description 聽 BMS Testing Machine is used in the safety test of lithium battery protection board, to detect whether the functional indicators of the protection board are within the reasonable parameters, to provide a set of testing standards to the staff, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and facilitating quality control. 聽 Specification 聽 Model No.:ACEY-BMS-1 Overcharge protection0-5V 卤5mv Overcharge protection released0-5V 卤5mv Over discharge protection0-5V 卤5mv Over discharge protection released0-5V 卤5mv Over-discharge protection current protection value1A-200A 卤0.1 (continuous long-term discharge) Overcharge protection current protection value1A-50A 卤0.1 Over current protection delay0-8S 卤1ms Equalization function opening voltage0-5V 卤5mV Equalization current 0-1000mA 卤0.1uA Self-consumption of single cell0-4000uA 卤0.1uA The internal resistance of the main loop test0-200 milliohms 卤1 milliohms 聽 Product Details 聽聽 Certifications 聽聽 Cooperative Partner 聽聽 FAQ 聽 1. How to get technical support after purchasing? A: Our R&D system is based on integrated development view. When you get the machine, just need to connect it with the electrical power, then machine can be working. Because the English software were install in this machine. What you need to do is only learning the software usage, and the complete English user manual will be coming to you with the machine. 聽 2. What certificates do you have? A: Since Europe and America are our main markets, all of our products are with CE/FCC compliant. For some models, the certificates are already available. For other models, we will need your assistance to apply the certificates. 聽 3. What's the warranty for the items? A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition. For any quality issue, we will deal with it immediately. Warranty for equipment is 1 year(12 months), If the equipment parts are damaged due to non-artificial factors within one year, we will provide replacement parts free of charge. 聽Customized Bms Tester website: