China Globe Valve suppliers The internal thread stop valve(S-type globe valve) is mainly used to cut off (or connect) the pipeline medium, and is suitable for nitric acid, acetic acid and other occasions in the chemical industry and other industries. Adopting the rising rod bracket type, bolted valve cover structure, the design of the rotary lift valve stem and handwheel, valve body and valve cover has been strictly calculated. Has good strength, stiffness and flow capacity. The upper sealing seat is designed on the valve cover, which makes the packing seal more reliable in the fully open state and facilitates the replacement of the packing. It is suitable for cutting or connecting the pipeline medium in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, thermal power station, etc. Main Performance Specification: Product specification:NPS 1/2鈥?2鈥濓紙DN15-DN50锛?/p> Nominal pressure: PN16 Application medium:water,gas and oil Application temperature:-15鈩儈120鈩?/p> Design and manufacture:GB/T 12237 Connection Size:GB/T9113.1 Structural length:according to BSPT/BSPP/NPT Material of Main Parts: Part nameMaterial BODYCf8CF8M BONNETCf8CF8M METAL GASKETCf8CF8M STEMCf8CF8M PACKING SLEEVEPTFEPTFE PACKINGCF8CF8 PACKING GLAND NUT201201 ELASTIC WASHER201201 NUT201201 Main external and Connecting Dimensions Unit:mm NPSLWH 1/2鈥?/p>876397 3/4鈥?/p>9772103 1鈥?/p>11772110 1-1/4鈥?/p>13597142 1-1/2鈥?/p>16398167 2鈥?/p>188126182China Globe Valve suppliers website: