FBT Splitter price Product Description: FBT Splitter (Fused Biconical Taper optical splitter) is the traditional technology to fuse several fibers together closely. Fibers are aligned by heating for a specific location and length. Fusion process will not stop until the parameters of the fibers reach the required standards. One end reserve a fiber (cut off the rest) as input end, and another as multi-output end. Since fused fibers are very fragile, they are protected by a glass substrate. Then a stainless steel tube covers the inner glass tube and is sealed by silicon. GuangHong Fiber Optical Coupler is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using Fused Biconical Tape technology. The splitting ratio ranges from 1x2 to 1x4 ports for tree couplers, and from 2x2 up to 4x4 for star couplers. Available in single, dual, and triple wavelength channel (1310/1490/1550nm). FBT splitters are widely accepted and used in passive optical networks. Mini Fused Fiber Optical Coupler Application: Telecommunication systems Optical CATV Networks Fiber Optic Sensors Local Area Network CATV system FTTH Deployments Optical testing system Network Monitoring FBT Beam Splitter Feature: Uniform Power Splitting High directivity High stability and reliability Standard: Rohs Compliant Product Specifications: FBT Optical Splitter Operating wavelength1310nm, 1550nm or customized Structure1脳2 Pigtail Length1m or customer specify Insertion Loss (dB)1脳21脳21脳21脳21脳21脳21脳21脳2 50/5040/6030/7020/8010/905/952/981/99 鈮?.6鈮?.7/2.8鈮?.0/2.0鈮?.0/1.3鈮?1.5/0.8鈮?4.8/0.5鈮?9.0/0.35鈮?2.0/0.3 Return Loss锛?5dB PDL鈮?.15dB Directivity鈮?5dB Optical Power Maximum4 W Working Temperature-20鈩冿綖+70鈩?/p> Storage Temperature-20鈩冿綖+85鈩?/p> *Insertion lost for splitters with connectors will be 0.3 dB higher. Quality Control & Quality Assurance: In GuangHong, every single FBT splitter is tested multiple times at different production stages prior to shipment, with the strictest quality control procedures that use calibrated test equipment specific to your requirements. Factory Assembly Line Coupling the optical fiber to the v-groove base plateCoupling single fiber FA with multi-fiber FACoupling the connectors and quality control Our Device Quadratic element measureHigh and low temperature test boxGrinding & Polishing machine Factory Overview:FBT Splitter price website:http://www.ghcomms.com/fbt-splitter/