Today, a significant number of women are exhibiting strong resolve to avoid unintended and unplanned pregnancies. This has created promising opportunities for companies in the pharmaceutical industry to develop effective, secure, and accessible birth control solutions. At the same time, consumers have become more aware of the new and emerging ways to avoid pregnancies owing to the destigmatisation associated with birth control. Against this social landscape, the demand for hormonal contraceptives has been consistently rising. This is predicted to unlock profitable business outcomes in the hormonal contraceptives market. In this business scenario, major big pharma vendors are projected to pursue novel innovation, strong R&D, and strategic partnerships, giving impetus to the development of advanced hormonal contraceptives. The cumulative force of these factors is poised to generate viable economic opportunities, significantly expanding the global hormonal contraceptives market.


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Demand for Hormonal Contraceptives Soars Amid Rising Need to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy


Modern consumers have now become well aware of new developments in the pharma industry, particularly when it comes to modern contraceptive solutions. This factor, combined with the growing need for effective ways to avoid unplanned pregnancies, is expected to boost the global demand for hormonal contraceptives. Remarkably, the use of contraceptive pills is expected to increase due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the availability of regulatory approvals for combination pills. Consequently, the growing consumption of pills will enhance their value share in the hormonal contraceptives market. Additionally, currently, there exists a gap in the demand and supply of hormonal contraceptives which is creating new opportunities for manufacturers to integrate supply chains in the hormonal contraceptives market.


Positive Outlook Toward Modern Contraceptives Influences Product Differentiation


Manufacturers in the global hormonal contraceptives market are rapidly advancing toward rigorous R&D to develop new and effective modern contraceptive solutions. Companies involved in the development of hormonal contraceptives are also seeking FDA approvals to launch new products, commercialising production activities. Notably, oral hormonal contraceptives have emerged as one of the most popular methods of birth control. This is propelling industry leaders in the hormonal contraceptives market to engage in fruitful partnerships, product differentiation, and robust experimentation. In the near future, the development of new and easy-to-use contraceptives is set to increase the adoption of advanced hormonal contraceptives, creating favourable outcomes across the global hormonal contraceptives market.


Growing Intake of Modern Contraceptives in APAC Sustains Market Expansion


The hormonal contraceptives market is expected to be highly profitable in the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific. This is due to growth enablers such as a rapidly growing population, increasing awareness about sexual health, and the presence of major pharmaceutical companies in this region. Additionally, APAC’s stable economic growth and gradual improvement in consumer lifestyle are also influencing decisions about planned childbirths and the intake of modern contraceptives. These factors are poised to position the Asia Pacific’s hormonal contraceptives market on a stellar growth trajectory.


Leading Market Players


Some of the major players in the global hormonal contraceptives market include Pfizer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Agile Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer AG, and Allergan.


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