League of Legends will launch in 2023 with a series of skins featuring the Faerie Court skin. The heroes getting new skins are Ezreal, Fiora, Kalista, Karma, Katarina (Prestige), Milio and Seraphine. Who would have thought that so many skins would be launched this time, what a big surprise, let's take a look at the new League of Legends Faerie Court Skins.

Riot Games' launch of the League of Legends Faerie Court Skins is something to look forward to for those who love calls or even a butterfly theme. This gives players more choices, especially when not many new skins have been released in these years, such as Kalista and Fiona have been forgotten by the developers.

It's kind of questionable that Katarina gets the supreme skin, but Karma and Seraphine get another skin. Milio also got his first skin on the team, players will love it. These skins will arrive with patch 13.6 in mid-March. Please pay attention to the League of Legends official website, and you can also follow RPGStash. When new skins appear, they will be put on the shelves as soon as possible. Let's look forward to the release date together.

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