The Hybrid Coupler is used for mobile communication and as an unattended medium turntable in the field, which itself determines its use environment and working conditions. First, we wanted the Hybrid Coupler to be small and lightweight. The Hybrid Coupler for hand-held wireless phones has yet to be reported due to its size and other technical issues. However, the space provided by car wireless telephones and cars is limited, and the wiring and heat dissipation of wireless telephones need to be considered. Therefore, on the premise of meeting other technical indicators, the miniaturization of Hybrid Coupler is very necessary. Second, the Hybrid Coupler must be easy to install, especially if some Hybrid Couplers are installed separately from wireless phones. And the structure should be firm, compact, should be able to withstand a certain impact and vibration, especially for some geographical environment is poor in the place of wireless telephone.

Hybrid Coupler