feminine hygiene products are used to cover other materials with TPE soft adhesive materials. TPE materials do not contain phthalates, halogen-free, and comply with ROHS,REACH,NP,EN71 and PAHS environmental protection standards, so they are respected by developed countries.

TPE adhesive is divided into two kinds, one is true adhesive and the other is false adhesive. The distinguishing factor is the medium of the coating material. Generally, the double-color injection molding or secondary injection molding is the true coating plastic, and the shooting adhesive coating metal and weaving material is the false coating. In the field of real adhesive, TPE material can be bonded with some general plastics such as PP, ABS, PC, etc., which is widely used.

There are six advantages of feminine hygiene products

① The material itself has certain skid resistance, improve the holding performance, suitable for a variety of grips, handles, handshake parts of the production (golf club grips, tool handles, toothbrush handles, TPE adhesive sports equipment, etc.).

② The material is soft, covered in the outside of the hard rubber material, so that the feel is comfortable, not sticky, the product is placed for a long time without precipitation white.

③ The material hardness range is wide (coated material hardness is usually 25A-90A), the performance can be designed with large space, wear resistance, elasticity and so on can be adjusted according to the formula and change.

④ Strong anti-aging ability, long product life.

⑤ Transparent and translucent products can be provided. If color matching is needed, color powder or master batch can be added to the material formula.

⑥TPE material has a certain damping performance and waterproof performance, can be bonded in the required part, can be used as a sealing material.

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