China Tachometer suppliers Product Introduction TA501A non contact tachometer, adopts photoelectric, anti-interference, semiconductor laser a to realize non-contact measurement of rotation speed, with wide measurement range and high resolution. The digital rpm tachometer is suitable for electric power, steel, petrochemical, aviation, fan manufacturing, duct ventilation systems, underground warehouses and other industries measuring speed. The non contact tachometer has max/min/avg measurement, upper/lower limit dual-color background light alarm, and ambient temperature measurement. During the measurement, cut a square reflective tape of 12mm. If the shaft surface reflects obviously, paint it to black or stick it with black tape first before sticking the tape on it. Please also make sure the tested object stopped before sticking tape to prevent the operator from being injured. And the reflective tape should be stuck smoothly and cleaned on the surface. Features 鈼?Dual-color backlight LCD 鈼?0.1 resolution 鈼?Ambient temp. measurement 鈼?Data hold 鈼?Max/Min/Avg measurement 鈼?Upper/Lower limit red backlight alert Product Parameter ModelTA501A Range2.5RPM ~ 99999RPM锛坮pm/min锛?/p> Resolution2.5RPM ~ 999RPM锛?.1RPM锛? 10000RPM above锛?RPM锛?/p> Accuracy卤锛?.05%rdg+1dgt锛?/p> Display999999 Ambient hum.Range0 ~ 60鈩?/p> Accuracy卤1鈩?/p> Effective distance50mm ~ 500mm Sampling time0.8s锛?0rpm/min above锛?/p> Auto power offApprox. 10 min. ( can be canceled manually锛?/p> Operating temp./hum.10锝?0掳C, max 80%RH, indoor altitude<2000m Storage temp./hum.-10锝?0掳C, max 70%RH (battery removed) Screen size37 脳 41mm Power3 脳 1.5V AAA锛圧03/LR03锛塨attery Size152 脳 55 脳 33mm WeightApprox. 125g锛坆attery not included锛?/p> Application 鈼?IR non contact speed measurement Press and hold the TEST button press more than 2s to turn on the meter, the front end of the meter will emit red laser, and then test with the reflective tape. 鈼?Semiconductor laser sensor Effective distance: 50mm~500mm Sampling time: 0.8s (above 60RPM) Packing Information Quantity: 40PCS/CTN Carton dimension: 45.5*28*40CM Net weight: 9KGS Gross weight: 10.6KGS Why Choose Us? We are a high performance, experienced and trustworthy team. We strictly manage and follow the ISO 9001:2015 quality control system. If you are looking for digital instrument manufacturers, please feel free to contact us for socket tester, multimeters, infrared thermometers, non contact tachometer, sound level meters prices and more detailed product introductions. OEM and ODM are available.China Tachometer suppliers website: