Directional Coupler N Female Used to separate or combine optical power of the same wavelength. It works by fusing conical optical fiber Directional Coupler N Female. For multi-mode optical fibers, the Directional Coupler N Female directional coupler is dependent on the length of the directional coupler N female and the thickness of the cladding. For single-mode fiber: the two fibers disappear and the energy exchange field overlaps.

The same signal is divided into two or more channels using a power divider, and two or more signals are merged into one using a combinator. The POI is a circuit breaker in which the Directional Coupler N Female is adjusted and allocated according to the power required by the port. To ensure that when the node arrives, the power is what you want it to be. The device that connects the shaft of the drive and the follower is called a coupling. There are constant speed connectors for connecting the motor shaft to the device shaft, and variable speed connectors. The speed of the motor can be changed by means of a coupling and then transmitted to a device, such as a hydraulic coupling.

Directional Coupler N Female