Two-Piece Toilets manufacturers The total bathroom solution originated in German precision craftsmanship As an inheritor of Germany's professional design, the spirit of craftsmanship, excellence and European artistry, and a promoter of the minimalist philosophy of life, Innoci is famous for products that are fashionable and human-friendly. While ensuring hygiene, health and comfort, the company has established itself as a dedicated provider of personalized, multifunctional and integral bathroom solutions, always with a commitment to a more fashionable, elegant lifestyle. A global brand known for outstanding quality A long-established provider of quality and satisfactory products and services for many real estates, projects and designers around the world and a winner of high praises from the customers and consumers in international market since1972, Innoci has built a sales/service network that extends to approximately 30 countries and regions worldwide. Intelligent production base The Innoci production facility covers almost 1,000 mu. Armed with bathroom full-category independent production lines, a type-12 high-pressure stool line, German Riedhammer tunnel kiln, Australian general shuttle kiln and other cutting-edge equipment, the company has CNC, FFC, nano self-cleaning, nanocoating and other production technology, boasting productivity and technology of the highest standards. The company has proudly seen its products pass quality processes under many international authorities, including the German TUV ISO certification, the Swiss SGS, the Royal UKAS certification, the Singapore WELS certification, the Australian Water Mark water-saving certification and the IAF. Project Reference Since 1972,Innoci provide high quality product and Considerate service constantly for many developers, projects and architects锛孴he fashionable and simplicity product design style fully meets the material selection needs of high-end projects, has been highly praised by customers in the international market, and has attracted the favor of developers and high-end group hotels, Including Hilton, Wyndham, Sofitel and other international brand hotels, as well as high-end residences and international business offices in Asian countries, Innoci are widely concerned and praised in the industry. Thoughtful Design Innoci provide whole series sanitary ware, contain six series as sanitaryware, toilet, cabinet, hardware, basin, bathtub, faucet and so on, it also contains over 10 sub-categories, more than 100 sizes to satisfy different request, aims to provide perfect whole series solution for bath. Two-Piece Toilets manufacturers website: