Moss’N’ Stone Florist is your number one stop in Southport, Gold Coast, for all things beautiful. Our exclusive and user friendly web store offers stunning flowers, special giftware, homewares, cute and cuddly babywear and Australian made skin care products for either commercial or corporate consumers. Our credibility extends to just customer testimonials as we have been listen among the creme de la creme of florists in the Gold Coast region. We are also honoured to have been featured in the 2018 edition of Brisbane bride. For all our features, floral decor services and gifts.
Looking forward to that special wedding day? Do you want the best in wedding florists for the Southport, Gold Coast region. Our wedding flowers, theming and including cake flowers come in the most beautiful of colour schemes, with rich and vibrant textures. We compile the best artistry to our wedding decor. We also offer exclusive wedding flower services in Brisbane and New South Wales. We are open to discuss the floral arrangements for your wedding at appointment. We ensure the most professional service from the first appointment to your dream wedding day.

Are you bombarded with numerous questions regarding floral arrangements for your dream wedding day. With Moss ‘N’ Stone florists you can be assured that all your floral needs will be taken care of ahead of your wedding day. With our exceptional range of wedding bouquets and floral decor, from start to finish. The addition of being featured in the 2018 Summer edition of Brisbane Bride, you can be reassured that you will be dealing with a professional business to take care of all your Wedding flowers, meeting and exceeding your expectations. Moss n Stoone will add an exciting mix of your wedding day and we are eager to assist in contributing to the beauty of your wedding.
At Moss ‘N” Stone florists we offer fun and interactive classes in Southport in the Gold Coast. With our workshops fit for any event you may be interested in. We specialize in classes for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and more. What’s more is that we can arrange to conduct theses classes for large groups of people at the comfort of your own home. Alternatively parties of between six and ten people can have these classes at our premises. Prices for the classes range from seventy five dollars to a hundred and fifty dollars.

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