1, first clear the length of the installation, then take the integer extraction, because this kind of lamp belt is one meter module, only from the cut off, it is not easy to harm the power circuit, if it is broken casually, it will lead to a module is not bright. For example: if the length of 7.5 meters must be cut, the lamp belt needs to be cut 8 meters. 2, connect the power plug,LED itself is a diode, DC power drive, so there are positive and negative, if the positive and negative connection, it is in the insulation layer, the light belt is not bright. If the connecting power plug is not bright, only the other end of the lamp belt must be removed.

3, the placement of the lamp belt, the lamp belt is tray packaging, the newly dismantled lamp belt will be distorted, not very good installation, can be combed and smoothed first, in the lamp belt can be placed. Because the lamp belt is a single layer of light, if the placement is not smooth, it will occur the asymmetry of the terminator, especially the corner must pay attention to. 4, the lamp belt lover, there is a professional buckle for the lamp belt installation on the market today, called the lamp belt lover, the application will further improve the installation rate and the actual effect.

 What is a type g bulb? : 1. what is a type g bulb? When it is a roll, please do not illuminate the bulb. 2, only in the lamp belt lamp arm printed with scissors mark cutting, otherwise it will cause a module is not bright. 3. During installation, please bend the lamp belt to one side, expose 2-3MM copper core wire, and cut it neatly with cutting pliers, do not leave raw edges, to prevent short circuit failure.

4. When installing what is a type g bulb in cold temperature, you can plug it in for a few minutes to loosen the lamp body and make it easy to bend, and then turn off the power for installation. 5, do not install or install the whole process of the lamp belt through the express switching power supply, only the barge, installed and appropriate condition can be connected to the switching power supply, 6, installation and application of the whole process, do not use heavy parts to knock the led tube, and its vibration.

7. The tail of the led tube must be glued tightly with the tail plug sleeve. 8. Only 2 sections of led tubes with the same specifications and operating voltage can be connected to each other, and the total length of the series cannot exceed the approved application degree. 9, the jack must be strong, no short circuit fault safety risks, outdoor installation, the connection must be sealed with structural adhesive or other appropriate way, to ensure that the connection seepage.

10, can not be installed in water, flammable, flammable and explosive natural environment, must ensure that the application of natural environment natural ventilation. 11, the installation is fixed, do not use metal composite materials such as fine wire tight led tube, to prevent the fine wire deep led tube, resulting in short damage to the led tube.

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