Surajgarh Farms is an artificial solace, a manufactured community built to uphold the nation's ruralization, culture, and history. Furthermore, it operates with innovative concepts and cutting-edge technologies which are more widely available. In light of this, this farm was established in order to preserve India's legacy and present the authentic culture of villages and ruralization. Additionally, it is now one of the greatest spots to take your family and friends for a weekend away trip.

This location is situated in Gurgaon and is a fusion of the two well-known and stunning Indian states of Rajasthan and Haryana. Both of them are known for their vibrant cultures and traditions. Surajgarh Farms, Gurgaon, is an effort to keep kids tuned to heritage and culture amidst changing lifestyles and rapid urbanization. Moreover, it is the ultimate location for people outside the capital city who want to relive and enjoy the true Indian culture.


Surajgarh Farms Ticket Prices, Timing, And Address

The ticket pricing at Surajgarh Farms is very reasonable, considering the number of things you get to do and enjoy. Ticket prices for a single person are RS. 1,199 couples RS. 2,299, and kids RS. 599. The operational hours are 9 A.M to 6 A.M on all days of the week. Furthermore, it follows all the government guidelines for Covid-19. The address of the Surajgarh is Golf Course Extension Road, Sector-59 Gurgram (Gurgaon), 122002, India. Additionally, you can plan a more budget-friendly visit to Surajgarh by using the discount deals from the Voucher Deals website. 


Voucher Deals offer the most authentic deals and vouchers for various leisure activities, saving consumers a significant sum of money. Additionally, it has a 30% to 40% discount on Surajgarh Farms tickets.   


Things To Do In Surajgarh Farms

Are you looking for a modest, quiet picnic area close to Delhi NCR to unwind from a stressful day at work or a busy schedule? In Gurgaon, Surajgarh Farms can be an excellent spot to settle. Here are some of the things you may do with your family and kids at Surajgarh Farm.


  • Enjoy The Village Life

Surajgarh Farm, sometimes known as the "Village in the City," is an excellent destination for family outings. Surajgarh offers a variety of activities for your children if you are from a rural location and your kids need to experience all of them. Surajgarh Farm is eerily similar to a traditional Indian village and has all the elements that bring back happy childhood memories.


  • Savor Palatable Dishes

The Surajgarh Farm food court is constructed explicitly with a rural motif to replicate the feel and flavor of an Indian hamlet. You may experience the authentic taste of the two states' traditional cuisines, Rajasthan and Haryana. On "Mitti ka Chulha," you may savor freshly prepared, organic foods from Indian fields and communities. To further enhance the experience of rural life, you can also sample delectable rustic delicacies. 


  • Games Sports

You may play sports, including sack races, marble games, mud baths, rope courses, wall climbs, and rappels. Further, you can enjoy camel rides, kite flying, monkey crawling, tractor and bullock cart rides, and more at Surajgarh Farms. Your kids can take part in pursuits that have long been integral to village life.


  • Traditional Activities 

Exploring Surajgarh Farm is worthwhile. You may discover some surprising things there that you may have only seen in movies from when you arrive until you leave. You can engage in a variety of activities here. You can participate in and enjoy various activities like sports, swimming, and other things. The magic performance and the puppet show are two more exciting pastimes. A riding area with camel, horse and bullock rides was made possible by Surajgarh Farms.