The cold north wind rolls the water of Xiaonan River, which has always been calm, and constantly impacts the low dam. The wind in October has made people feel a little cold. Chen Ping sat on the windowsill and let the north wind blow his face, looking solemnly at the small building on the other side of the river. It was just an ordinary five-storey building, but it made him feel more confused and doubtful than ever before. He turned and glanced at the eight men sitting below. Standing next to him, Lin Deguang, the nine-bag law enforcement elder, hurriedly leaned forward and said, "Master, this matter should be decided early." Chen Ping nodded slightly and finally made up his mind. He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "You must all know about this. I wonder which brother would like to go and find out." Silence, suffocating silence.. Everyone got up and looked at the building on the other side, and then looked at each other. No one will not know the difficulty of this task, a bad oneself will be ruined, after all, the most contemptible people in Jianghu is Xiao Xiaozhi who stole the fragrant jade. No one dare to take the risk, this Chen ping also know, he waited for a long time, still no one dare to stand out. There are so many brothers in the gang, but none of them can relieve their worries. He shook his head disheartened and was about to give up. At this time, two little disciples, Wang Tian and Li Yi, stood up and clasped their fists at him: "I am willing to go." OK! Chen ping exultation,inflatable bounce house with slide, is waiting to say a few words of encouragement, to show encouragement. Unexpectedly, Wang Tian added, "But we have one condition. We want to be promoted to be the Elder of Nine Pockets." Chen Ping frowned, and the elders glared at him. Lin Deguang even stood up and said, "Bold!"! You and the younger generation, dare to threaten the gang leader with this matter, left and right still don't give me to take down! Wang Tian sneers, just calmly staring at Chen Ping. Chen Ping waved his hand and motioned to Lin Deguang to shut up. Then he said firmly,Inflatable meltdown, "Good.". As long as you two find out, I will make an exception to promote you two to the nine bags of elders in the gang. But if it fails, the gang rules serve. "It's a deal!" The three men punched at the same time and touched lightly in the air. Just then! Suddenly there were several sounds of breaking air in the air, followed by several flashes of white light. The scene suddenly got out of control. Be careful, hidden weapon! "There are assassins to protect the gang leader." "Shit, a lot of cops. We're surrounded." "The wind is tight, pull and shout." "Don't hit me, I'm just passing by." The crowd shouted loudly and ran away hurriedly. Suddenly, all the elders of the Beggars' Sect, the first gang in Jianghu, which is composed of boys and is known as the largest gang in Class 1, Grade 2, together with their leader, scattered the birds and beasts. On the platform not far away, the art teacher who just graduated from the university, holding a broken chalk tightly in his hand, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, looked like he was almost dizzy. This group of bastards, dare to be so arrogant in my class, one by one sitting without sitting like, standing without standing like, but also say something about the gang leader, elders? Damn it, you think this is the time for a martial arts movie? After school, Li Yi made up an excuse to let Fang Fang go home first. This made Fang Fang a little unhappy and muttered for a long time before she dilly-dally left. Watching Li Yi finally coax Fang Fang away, Wang Tian was very happy, thinking that this boy also had this day. All right, let's get down to business. Chen Ping can only give us two days. He patted Li Yi on the shoulder. Make a plan first. When you think about it, it's a bit tricky. Li Yi lay on the windowsill and stared at the opposite building. "Is there any clue?" The one on the second floor doesn't have any clues. The one on the first floor seems to open a cloth shop, Xiaoyan Cloth Shop, on the small road at the school gate. I think we can start with the first floor. "Do it?"? Can't you change a nice word? As if we were going to do something bad. Li Yi complained in a low voice, "OK, let's start from the first floor.". However, I think we need to solve a key problem first. You don't forget that it was the two of us who started the argument from the beginning? "Nonsense.". You insisted that the girl on the second floor was beautiful, while I insisted that the one on the first floor was beautiful, which caused a big discussion in the Beggars' Sect. Although I have great doubts about your vision, it is because we are too far apart to see clearly. If you look closely, it won't be too controversial, after all, you are not blind. Wang Tian said with some impatience. I'm afraid you're blind. Anyway, I also have great doubts about your vision, how can you think that Lin Yu's eyes are beautiful? This is crazy. Li Yi shrugged his shoulders and led the way out of the classroom. "Go to the cloth shop first." "Don't you think Fang Fang is beautiful, too?" Wang Tian shrugged his shoulders and followed him out. Finally, when the two men pushed their bicycles out of the school gate, they were still chattering about whether the other should go to the hospital as soon as possible for a myopic surgery. Finally, Li Yi waved his hand helplessly and motioned to Wang Tianqi to slow down: "This is no good.". There is a big difference between our aesthetic standards. I think it's necessary to warm up before we go into action. Uh What do you think of the girl with the red umbrella? Wang Tian looked down Li Yi's finger and saw a girl holding a red umbrella ten meters ahead, straightening her student's head and wearing a white dress. In the noon sun, Wang Tian's eyes were dizzy with her snow-white legs shaking. It looks pretty good from the back, but who knows if it's a small back? "That's easy to do. Go up and have a look." With these words, Li Yi stepped on his bicycle a few times, rushed to the front of the girl, and then looked back openly. Cut. This boy is really ***ing thick, unexpectedly so brazenly, "Wang Tian muttered in a low voice, and then followed the acceleration, only all of a sudden and more than the girl, and seems to ride too fast, incidentally more than Li Yi.". Finally stopped in front of Li Yi, turned around and waved to Li Yi, pretending to signal Li Yi to hurry up, in fact, secretly looking at her. At this time, Wang Tian's breathing suddenly became rapid, "Beauty, beauty, beauty, is really beautiful, too beautiful,inflatable floating water park, more beautiful than Lin Yumou." He suddenly put his arms around the neck of Li Yi, who had caught up with him by bicycle, and spoke incoherently in a low voice and with excitement.