He did not know why he made such a move at that time. She had soul beads on her body, and she thought they were pearls, so she took them as travel expenses. So she revealed her location to him, but he didn't come because of her. He had a mission, and the place where the mission was was so close to her. He didn't find a better substitute, so he just dropped in. Her blood is really good, warm but not boiling. But it's not so good that it's worth traveling thousands of miles to find it. But the closer he got, the more strange he felt that her blood was good, but not the best. Just, after taking her blood, but always let him have strange behavior. He began to feel some curiosity, want to know what is pain, or, why will be happy, because of what and sad? Very shallow,316ti stainless steel, but very strange. I don't know if I can feel the pain if I continue to collect her blood. Let's wash it tomorrow. He walked back slowly and sat down in the chair again. Facing the window, the eyes are a little distant. Rocky looked up in a daze and couldn't help but be attracted by his side face. She looked at him. "I can go with you, but I want to take her with me." "Yes." He withdrew his eyes and looked down at his fingertips, which were slightly blue. He slowly tightened his fingers, then opened them again, and returned to their original tone. You can't touch her. Rocky went on to speak. You're missing the word'please. ' As soon as his voice came out, Rocky felt an impulse to punch someone. People are high and I am low, people are strong and I am weak, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x56 line pipe, this fellow is expressionless, bloodless, tearless, painless and unconscious, but he will take people's pigtails. The ability to bully the weak is simply the best! Please don't touch her! Rocky spoke bitterly. All right. He answered lightly, then stood up and went to the bed. Rocky watched him walk slowly past, then watched him lie down in his clothes and suddenly asked, "Where do I sleep?" "On the ground." He closed his eyes and took it for granted. Rocky stared at him and suddenly turned around and pulled the quilt out of the bed and carried it to the door. "I'd rather sleep on the floor in her room!" She hummed and strode out. She did not intend to tell Yingwu that she was also a woman for the time being, and now that she had said it, it would not have the effect of rectifying her. She had to suffer for a few days anyway, otherwise, wouldn't her sin be in vain? But it's better to sleep on the ground of a beautiful woman than on the ground of a dead face. She carried the quilt and pushed the door in. Yingwu had fallen asleep. She had already put on her clothes, but she didn't insert the door! The girl was very cautious for a moment, but she was so careless for a moment. Aren't you afraid of her coming from the opposite side? Or did you know she was there and just dare to go to sleep? Ying Wu's complexion was still not very good, but his breath was still very even, and he slept deeply in the thin quilt. Eyes closed tightly, long eyelashes like two cups of small fans, a pitiful look. Rocky spread the quilt on the ground, rolled over and lay down, using his arm as a pillow. After a tiring day today, she was really sleepy, and after a while, she went to sleep. In a trance, as if to see Dad's smiling face, said to her, Rocky, must live ah! Okay,x60 line pipe, Dad, she told him so clearly in her dream. We must live, and then our family will be reunited. lksteelpipe.com