However, I was too anxious to press the wrong button and press the closed button to enlarge it. "You son of a bitch, it's better to fail than to succeed!" Old Ji scolded in a low voice. Ji Haoxuan hid behind the eldest brother. The father and son looked at Mrs. Ji together. Old Mrs. Ji looked at the father and son three people strangely, looked at the enlarged video on the screen, and laughed: "secretly watching the video of Ling Xuan's childhood, what is there to be embarrassed about.." Old Lady Ji approached with a smile? Who is the woman on the video? "Ji Xiao!" Old Lady Ji shouted angrily. Ji raised his head and looked at his wife confusedly. Why was the reaction so big? Old Lady Ji pointed to the woman on the screen and asked loudly with an expression that you were sorry for me: "You say, who is this woman behind Ling Xuan?"? Did you do something wrong to me? As soon as the words came out, the three of Ji's father and son were all dumbfounded. Poof ~ "Ji Haoxuan quickly covered his mouth, he was about to die of laughter, ouch, stomachache.". Looking at her son squatting on the ground with a strange expression and holding his stomach, Mrs. Ji felt something was wrong. Ahem, mom, you misunderstand. It's not what you think. Ji Tingxuan quickly explained. Ji also pulled his wife with an angry face. "You sit down first,Pietra Gray Marble, and I'll talk to you slowly." Old Mrs. Ji looked at her husband suspiciously, and she wanted to hear how he explained it. Then, under the explanation of the father and son, Mrs. Ji realized that she had made a mistake. This, this is my grandson? Old Mrs. Ji was both pleased and felt a little unreal. This is your grandson! Ji looked at his wife with shining eyes, and he knew that his wife would be happy. Old Mrs. Ji only felt that the surprise came too suddenly. None of the four children she gave birth to wanted to get married. She thought she had no chance to have grandchildren. Unexpectedly,white marble mosaic, the third child had a child by mistake. Now those old guys have the nerve to compare with her. Her family has three generations of descendants. Mrs. Ji could not have felt more comfortable at the thought of her rival's envious and jealous eyes. Happy? Mr. Ji asked. Old Lady Ji nodded, "Of course, it feels like a dream. By the way, we can't wronged our grandson's mother. She is the great hero of our family." "That's natural. After all, it was the third brother's fault. He was only busy cleaning up people afterwards, or I thought something was wrong before he said it. Alas," thinking of what his son did, Mr. Ji also felt sorry for others. " In the final analysis, it's just a little doll, and I don't know how she lives with Ximing. I really feel guilty just thinking about it. Old Mrs. Ji looked at Wen Qing in the video, Marble Granite Price ,Marble Projects, and she felt bad. Mom, you can rest assured that our family will make up for Wen Qing. Ji Tingxuan could not bear his mother's sad consolation. Grandpa, when will you send someone over? Asked Mrs. Ji. Mr. Ji thought about it: "The day after tomorrow, go early and arrive early. Tomorrow, we will set out after supplying the things we need." "Who's going to pick someone up?" Ji looked at his two sons and asked. Ji Tingxuan was somewhat embarrassed and said, "Dad, I can't get away from my work at the headquarters for the time being. Why don't you tell our head to give me a holiday?" He's not at ease to let his second brother go. No, let Haoxuan go, I go with him. Said Mrs. Ji. Ji's father and son all looked at Mrs. Ji in surprise. I still feel guilty in my heart. I feel sorry if I don't apologize to others in person. Children are all in debt, and parents can help to pay a little bit. They have no objection, this decision by the old lady of the season and Ji Haoxuan together with the smell of green mother and son. "Mommy, Aunt Christian just called and said that Andy is having dinner with us today. She has something to do and she will pick Andy up later." Wen Ximing reports to the busy Wen Qinghui. Wen Qing's men kept saying, "I know. You tell Xiao Fang to cook more and play with Andy. By the way, Dai Liya will ask for leave tomorrow afternoon to give you a holiday." He continued to prepare the medicinal materials. That's great! Mommy, I'm going to find Andy first. Mommy, remember to come up for dinner later. Wen Ximing happily explained. Wen Qing gave a hum and concentrated on grinding the herbs. Wen Ximing got the answer and happily shared the good news with Andy. As a result, Christian had not come after dinner. Aunt Wen Qing, why hasn't my mother come yet? Andy was a little uneasy and looked at Wen Qing expectantly, hoping that she could answer his question. Wen Qing also did not receive Christian's communication, and naturally did not know the reason. It should be difficult to deal with things, so it's delayed. Would Andy like to practice calligraphy with us? Andy asked curiously, "Aunt Wen Qing, what word do you practice?" Wen Ximing answered first, "It's definitely something you haven't done before. It's interesting. Would you like to come together?" Andy nodded. "Yes, of course!" " Seeing Andy's attention diverted, Wen Qing took the two children to the study to practice calligraphy together. Writing with this brush for the first time, Andy felt very strange, followed Wen Ximing to learn very seriously, temporarily forgot Christian. Wen Qing helped the two children grind while thinking about the reason why Christian had not come yet. It was not until the three of them had practiced calligraphy for an hour that they received a communication from Christian. Will Andy have a rest at Ximing's house today? Mom still has something to do today, so she has no time to pick you up. Christian said with a tired look. Andy nodded cleverly. Good boy, your mother will come to pick you up tomorrow, and listen to Aunt Wen Qing tonight, do you know? Don't be naughty. Christian was not at ease to explain. I'll be good. Mom,pietra gray marble, you go to work. "Ximing's mother, please!" Christian said shyly. Don't worry! Said Wen Qing. Christian thanked him again and hung up. Wen Qing looked at the two children standing in front of her and sighed helplessly. Come on, go and clean up first. 。