Chen Dong has a headache, and the dragon dance that once threatened him to write out the secret of catching the dragon hand is also among them. Of the remaining six people, three were men and three were women, none of whom Chen Dong knew. Guan Hao was the first to walk up to him and whispered, "Brother Chen, why are you here? Is it possible that the last person we are waiting for is you, but you are not a student of Kamikaze Academy?" Chen Dong was listless and said, "It's me. Do you think I'm willing to take part in that warm-up match? I'm not interested.". It's just that I was forcibly captured by that despicable old man, the deputy dean, which is not what I want. "Is that all right?" Guan Hao exclaimed, and then whispered: "Kevin is the admirer of the Oriental Phoenix, and it seems that I heard that the Oriental Phoenix is also a little interested in him. You have offended the Oriental Phoenix. You should be careful along the way. Don't conflict with him." Chen Dong patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, mouse.". I'm not that ungraceful, and he's not that stingy, so I'm sure nothing will happen. "Hey,brushless gear motor, for the sake of my concern for you, do you give me a little benefit? I heard that you blackmailed fifty thousand gold coins for a little trouble. Do you mean it to me? I'm so poor that I can't eat." "The dead mouse finally showed his fox tail. Go away. You cheated him out of a hundred gold coins when he came to Sin City." Then Kevin came over with a smile on his face and said, "I didn't expect that the Chen brothers would be one of our entourage." Chen Dong sighed helplessly: "Alas, the evil vice president forced me to go." "Scum, why do you look so sad? When did you become a student of our college?" The dragon dance came over with a smile. Brother, why are you wearing a skirt today? I almost didn't recognize my brother today. Chen Dong did not answer and joked. Dragon dance is different from the last time, today did not wear men's clothes,Low Rpm Electric Motor, wearing a white dress, like a beautiful and refined white lotus, revealing a breath of indifference out of the dust. The six people in the back saw Kevin and Chen Dong say hello one after another. They also came over. One of the beautiful girls said, "Miss Long is going to meet her lover. Of course, she has to wear beautiful clothes.." "Little sister dares to laugh at my brother. It's rare that I'm in a good mood and change my clothes today. You should slander me so much." Long Wu was obviously very familiar with the woman. As he spoke, he reached out his hand and raised her chin. Like an evil young man molesting a good woman, he said, "Little lady, are you in love with yourself?" Although the woman was very familiar with her, she could not stand being so "molested" in public. She repeatedly retreated and said, "Uncharacteristically, gear reduction motor ,small geared motors, I'm dressed so beautifully, but I still don't admit it? I've heard that you have a childhood brother in Xianwu Academy. Several men in the field all moved, and no one was moved by such a beautiful woman with excellent temperament as the Dragon Dance. Suddenly she heard that she seemed to have a lover, and several people in the field felt a little unnatural. Long Wu was tall and slender, more than half a head taller than the average woman. She grabbed the woman's arm with one hand and lifted her chin again with the other hand. She was really like a playboy molesting a girl. She said, "How dare you start a rumor for your brother? See how I can punish you." "Don't think we don't know," the woman struggled. "It's no secret." Just as the dragon dance was about to take the next step of flirting, the vice president walked into the gate. He coughed and separated the two. The deputy dean led the ten men into his room and began to mobilize them before the war. Of course, it's just some words of encouragement. Finally, he said something to pay attention to and asked them to be more careful. By the way, he also mentioned Chen Dong, saying that he was a student being examined by the Kamikaze Academy, and that if he could pass the test, he would become a formal student. The students knew full well that some sort of agreement had been reached between the treacherous vice dean and the man in front of them. When the vice president talked about the matters needing attention, Chen Dong knew that Kevin was only leading the team to participate in the warm-up match, and he did not necessarily compete in the next game. Because he will take part in the real strong competition in three months, this time he will only go to the front, if his side is not defeated, he will never make a move. Only then did Chen Dong classify Kevin as a super strong young man, and the master who can be recognized by the vice president is not an ordinary person. Another of the ten people, the Dragon Dance, was not even a contestant in the warm-up competition. This time, she mainly acted as a guide. Xianwu Academy is not in the territory of any of the three big countries in the East. It is located in a small country between Chu, Baiyue and Anping. The name of the small country was Jin, and Longwu was a native of Jin. She was familiar with everything there, so she was the most suitable guide. It has always been puzzling why she abandoned Xianwu College and came to the Oriental Martial Arts Department of Kamikaze College to practice. It was not until the end that Chen Dong realized that at the beginning of the real warm-up match, there were only eight players in each Academy. It was obvious that he would be the main player in the kamikaze Academy. It would be a bitter battle waiting for him in the Xianwu Academy. The boy surnamed Chen stays, and the others go to Longchang to wait. You'll start from there later. Now many people know Chen Dong's surname, but only a limited number of people know his name, the vice president in front of everyone can only call him so. Chen Dong is a little strange, do not know why this treacherous hateful old man left him alone. Does the old man have any last words? Chen Dong lacks a good impression on him, and now the other side has a request for him, so he dares to be so presumptuous. The smelly boy dares to talk to my old man like this. Aren't you afraid of the thunder? "Come on, hypocritical old man, if you have anything to say, just say it." "Cough." The vice president coughed and said, "Bastard boy, I want to give you some advice on your martial arts and give you some weapons. Who knows you don't appreciate it at all." "Oh,Brushless Gear Motor, how can you be so kind?" Then the vice president straightened his face and said, "You and I are both warriors of the East. I want to tell you some actual combat experience so that you can win the enemy in the Xianwu Academy." "Go ahead, I'm listening." Chen Dong doesn't care.