EDO remembered that the northeast girl was firing on all cylinders. At that time, he broke down several times and thought, "Why doesn't this Comrade need to breathe?"? And Tu Jing also listened to her very carefully, and seemed to nod a few times, thinking that this person usually can't stand other people talking too much, so the performance shows that she is getting closer and closer to the major required by GS. No wonder people in the same trade say that GS people are the most knowledgeable about "playing wild". What Alice said is of great reference value. I haven't been in Beijing for many years, so I should listen to her introduction first. Although she introduced a little more, hehe. In other words, the partner of this project is absolutely chosen. Those who can say and those who can't say are complementary. Very scientific, very talented. Tu Jing didn't care about this partner at all, after knowing how to deal with it. Everyone has to work and get promoted. Understanding, long live understanding! "Just pretend for me." EDO can't bear to see her in private with a little face and a serious face. Can't you say? Does it mean the RAS queen, SHIM TU? "? He chuckled. Tu Jingjing always feels that everyone has something to forgive and does not care about others. He is always aware of himself and always learning. She can't say? Then a lot of people can die. To be able to say is not to say more, but to say right. Everybody appreciates her most, do not say already, say then succinct a few words hit the point. She was given a lot of important presentations by RAS. On the stage, she is the king,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and the audience can only follow her well-organized and simple speech. Adaptability is also strong, homework is always done 12 points enough, customers ask questions, she can always answer calmly, and easy to understand, non-professionals also understand. I won't say it. I didn't see how much Alice said in the meeting and I said how much. It doesn't matter. Make a fortune in silence. I have a dream that …… One day I will be a baofahu. "The scenery smiled shiftily. Glancing casually at the EDO table, he seemed to see a treasure,sonicator homogenizer, grabbed a glittering wallet on the table and looked at it, shouting. "Hey, this is simply an outbreak, where to buy it!" "Someone else just sent it." Why didn't I? You already have enough money, and this should be given to poor people like me who want to stick to the dream of the nouveau riche. Tu Jing had lost his mind by the golden light. You Take it. EDO is helpless. It was not the first day that he knew her so-called dream, but he still couldn't get used to it. What do you mean by "stick to the original dream and follow the path of the nouveau riche"? I want to roll my eyes every time. Relieved to put his wallet in his pocket, the scene then went on to discuss: "Alice was depressed to me a few days ago, but also alerted me.". It's different from Hong Kong and London. I communicated with the senior manager and Andy. What do you think? EDO understood what she meant and nodded: "Alice's advantage is only in the local background, professional and experience can not be compared with you.". I think you know what to do. "Well, I'll go to JLLS tomorrow to talk about it, and I'll get in touch with the people over there.". I'm going to get ready. Tu Jing stroked his left face and answered softly. Only then did EDO notice that the left side of her face was slightly swollen, and that she had just spoken to him in a suppressed voice, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic cutting machine, speaking a little slowly. What's the matter? What's wrong? "It's nothing. I have a toothache. I may get inflamed. I'm going to find some pills to eat." Then he walked out of the office without giving EDO a chance to ask questions. At least make it through tomorrow's meeting with the client. EDO can't think it's serious now. He must let her rest. Then I talked to Andy for a while. Andy saw at the meeting that he was not annoyed by Alice's behavior but listened carefully. He was surprised and looked forward to her performance all the time. After talking with her today, I understand that her "rocket manager" is not a fluke. The train of thought is clear, the words are meaningful, the insights are profound and original, and the professional knowledge is very solid. So he began to understand EDO DU's insistence on bringing her to Beijing, and his previous doubts about her turned into full appreciation. Chapter 13 13. How dare you say you don't like me? The meeting with JLLS also went smoothly. Alice goes up to make a speech, and the scenery smiles and acts as a vase below. She longed to say as little as possible.
As soon as she opened her mouth, it seemed to kill her. When she got up in the morning, she had the idea of making up for the first time. Although she could not see it carefully, she was still anxious to pull out her hair. Fortunately, JLLS people are not difficult, Alice is enough to deal with, after all, just the first time to meet. After that, Alice and several JLLS people stepped into the elevator together. They seemed to be familiar with each other. At the moment when the door closed, they smiled brightly at the scenery. The scenery was a little helpless. I have no time to think. Toothache, even the head began to ache, the whole body was actually hot from the middle of the game. Standing at the door of the building, I was a little nervous. The strength of the whole body seems to be pulled away, if you can't support it, it's very embarrassing to fall at the door of the customer. Take a taxi to go to the hospital halfway fainted, was abducted to sell how to do? Tu Jingfan is a pig, and it is impossible to go on a business trip to save her. She walked back to the hall, sat down on the sofa, and looked through her cell phone address book to find someone who could save her. Xu Gu Li. What is he doing now? Is it a hallucination? Is that him in front of you? But why with the CFO of JLLS? Tu Jing was not sure, but he still called him, exhausted his strength, but his voice was still low. Xu Gu Li heard it. He turned his head in surprise and found Tu Jingjing leaning back on the sofa with his mobile phone and coat. When he came forward, he saw that his whole face was red, one side of his face was swollen, and when he touched his forehead, it was surprisingly hot. It's really you, hehe. Is it convenient to take me to the hospital? Thank you. Jing tugged at his tie to get him closer and spoke forcefully. Her consciousness began to blur. Let me not come to you, so you can make yourself look like this, don't you? You remember that! Xu Shuai is really angry, but he can only settle accounts after autumn. Pick her up at once. He beckoned Zhang Weiqing, who was watching the play, to drive to the hospital. Tu Jing had endured pain for a long time, suffering in every way,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, heard the doctor said to pull teeth, not red eyes, looked up at Xu Gu Li. fycgsonic.com