GBWhatsapp Pro APK

GBWhatsApp Pro APK is the most popular Mod of Official WhatsApp Messenger. You can download the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk for your Android Device. This Modified Version of WhatsApp Messenger will give you some useful and unique features. You can also call it GBWA, GB Plus or GBWA Pro. Users of the basic WhatsApp app can now enjoy greater control, authority, and flexibility over their accounts with the GBWhatsApp mod. This mod solves a problem they may have had with the traditional WhatsApp app model.

WhatsApp File Sharing - WhatsApp allows users to share up to 10 images simultaneously. There are also restrictions on the size of files and documents that can be shared with the service. Using GBWhatsApp Pro users can share up to 100 images simultaneously and can send large video files of up to 50MB each.
You can share audio files as large as 100MB with your contacts simultaneously without any compression.
Scheduler - You can schedule important messages ahead of time, such as broadcasts, reminders for meetings, birthdays, and broadcasts. This will save you from the frustration of having to scramble to get a message out when it is too late.
Anti-Revocation messages - You don't have to worry about messages being deleted by others after they are sent. You can view all deleted messages as if they were still there with this feature.
Privacy - GBWhatsApp also values privacy. Users can hide the blue dot from recordings that have been listened to and remove the last seen status. These can be viewed from other contacts, however, unlike traditional WhatsApp.

You can now respond to all messages, instead of just replying with emoticons. WhatsApp defaults with 5 emojis. However, GB WhatsApp allows you to create your own custom Emojis that can be used to respond.
Additional In-Chat translators: GBWhatsApp Pro now supports Bengali and Tamil, Gujarati. Punjabi, Urdu and Vietnamese languages. Any message can be translated directly into 50+ languages from chats.
The GB WhatsApp Pro 17 has many new features, including the ability to edit and style your text status, multiple call rejection types (No internet, offline calling, etc.) and, most importantly, more control over the group by the Group Admin. This site offers the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk. There are many sites offering fake GBWhatsapp. But here, we upload the original file that has been modified by AlexMODs.

Get GBWhatsApp Pro APK Version for Android and change the way you communicate. You will never go back to the Typical Original WhatsApp again after you have started using GBWhatsApp Pro APK Version.
GBWhatsApp does not exist, but is a simple upgraded version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger released its Core Resource Files in 2016 for testing and experimentation purposes. Android developers re-developed these files and made changes to them. They also created many unofficial Clones for WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp was the best, it has lots of new features that are very useful to users. GB Whatsapp Apk Free Download

What is GB WhatsApp Pro and what are its benefits?

GBWhatsApp Pro allows two users to be on one phone by directly using GBWhatsApp Pro. This gives you all the benefits of GBWhatsApp Pro but without the storage space or RAM drawbacks associated with app clones. The third-party app offers exclusive features such as chat themes and hidden read receipts. App locks are also available. Multi-user functionality is possible with this app.

Why GBWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp Pro, a popular mod of the WhatsApp Messenger Application, is available. This mod adds many features to the official WhatsApp app including custom font style, DND mode, auto reply, downloading status of other people, hiding your online, endless themes, anti-revoked and many more. This section will provide information about GBWhatsApp's features and download links for Android devices.

This is one the most powerful features of GBWhatsApp Pro. The original WhatsApp feature "Delete for everyone" is available. You can remove any sanded messages from your chat by using this feature. The file will not be deleted from your account. This is called Anti-Revoke.
You can set a custom text and this message will be sent to all who have contacted you that time.
This feature allows you to disable the writing status from the bar. People from the other side of the bar will never be able to see what you're doing.

Follow these steps if you're using an older version of gb Whatsapp apk.
Step 1: Click on this link to download the latest version GBWhatsapp Pro APK.
Step 2: After completing the Download, open the APK file and click on the Install Button.
Step 3: Wait for a few seconds and your installation will be complete.
Step 4: Now open the app, that's it! Your GB WHatsApp was successfully updated.

Additional Ability to Share Multiple Images/Videos / Files at the Same Time via Chat to Outside Apps
Convos > Universal > Settings: Added Select Default Translation Language
Added option to group Admin indicator turn on/off (Mods > Conversation Screen).
Added option to save after preview image / video (3Dot > Save To Gallery)
Added Preview Image/Video Without Saving to Phone
Added Mods Backups now created.ZIP File
Repost Option for Story/Status
Enabled Administrator Can Removing Other People's Messages from Group Chats (Only works for users on a New Base).


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